General Moncado White House

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This dilapidated house serves as the headquarters of the followers of Hilario Camino Moncado, which was also the founder and commander-in-chief of the Filipino Crusaders World Army during the 1990s. Moncado's followers was noted for eating only raw and uncooked foods, no meat and fish. Some considered the group as a cult but there are some notable projects of the group that many has benefited like cooperatives and transport projects.

This heritage house is still standing at Brgy. Limao, Samal Island. Tourist can also go and visit the remnants of his glorious past through the artifacts left in the area. There are still members of the group who are taking care of the property and tourists are advised to pay respect during the visit.

If you want to visit this heritage site, you can hop in to any habal-habal in Samal Island and just tell them to get you to Moncado White House.

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