Hive Power Up Day - HexTech's Sponsorships 3,000 HP Delegation and 50 HIVE

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Hive power up day is quickly approaching us and is being led by @traciyork this month(check out the official post here: Hextech loves new users and wants to help them grow and we decided that we are going to do our part by offering prizes.

Hextech itself is throwing in a prize and its members are as well. From @hextech, we are offering a delegation of 100 HP to second place for the entire month of July once the winners have been announced.

From a hextech member @edicted : 1400 HP delegation for the month of July once the winners have been announced(hasn't decided how he wants to split the prizes up between the winners yet).

From a hextech member @sn0n: 1,000 HP delegation for the month of July(hasn't yet decided how he wants to split the prize up between winners) and a prize of 50 liquid HIVE to one lucky winner from the full list of entries.

From a hextech member @rishi556: Using the project @giftgiver, a delegation of 500 HP will be provided for the 1st place winner for the entire month of July once the winners have been announced.

That brings the total to 3000 HP in delegations and 50 HIVE liquid added to the prize pool from @hextech. We hope to see some great powerups during this Hive Power Up Day and will be continuing to sponsor more in the future.

How To Vote For Us As Your Witness

There's a few ways to cast a witness vote. The easiest of which will be to use hivesigner. All you have to do is click this link and sign it with your active key.

If you use can also go onto, find us there and vote for us.

If you are a PeakD user, head over to and look for us using either the search-bar on the right(name is hextech) or looking for us on the list(we are around rank 80).

If you prefer to use @cadawg's tool, you can vote for us at


Ah glad I'd be joining this one..,...gods of crypto dont let me down🙏

This is beyond wicked coolness, @hextech! Thanks so much to you and the other hextech members for your generosity - this #HivePUD is going to be awesome! 😊

Thank for prizes
Keep up you good job

noice! ;)
@tipu curate

Upvoted 👌 (Mana: 14/21)

Hey @hextech, @edicted, @sn0n, and @rishi556 - I updated the prize listing on the announcement post, and thought I'd shout out here so you could all check it and make sure I got it right.

Also to explain why I listed the delegations as being for 3 weeks instead of the month of July - @streetstyle always went with 3 week delegations as awards, because the unofficial winner's list is announced on the 2nd or 3rd of the month (to allow time for possible corrections), then the official list is posted on the 5th(giving sponsors a couple days of wiggle room to get their awards out). Please let me know if that works for you, or if you'd like me to change it to something else. And again - thanks so much for your generosity and support of #HivePUD!

Looks good. I'm fine with the way it is and I'm sure the rest of the team will be as well.

Awesome, @rishi556 - thanks again! 😊

Would it make more sense to distribute one of the 500 for first place a bit more for 2-20th? Seems very one sided atm...

Make the rewards more of a curve then a cliff

Prize payouts are normally a bit more distributed. But I'm fine with it.

Seems like it would also give more incentive for those that know they won't finish first.

That sounds good to me, @sn0n and I can certainly change that up. In fact, that's one of the main reasons why I started offering a drawing for everyone who participates, so that the prizes (in theory - pretty sure one month my winner was in the #1 are more spread out. Just shout out and let me know what spot you want it for, or if you want it to be a random drawing as well - either works for me. 😊

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who won? :)

Winners can be found here:

@foxon did @edicted's delegations(top 3, 600, 500, 300) and @sn0n's random winner for 50 HIVE was @pingcess.

great, thank you guys :)

Woww,, thanks for this.. 😍 I didnt get notification of @traciyork 's post and if not for this, I wony even know that again im one of the lucky winners 😍😍😍

You guys are awesome! Thanks and God bless you all! ❤️