It is already game over for Steemit. Or at least for me and for many other people.
Nowadays I don't even use Steemit for blogging.
There are much better interfaces/dApps on the Steem blockchain. For example Busy, SteemPeak and eSteem.
Especially eSteem with the new post promoting and post boosting with eSteem Points (ESTM) features.
And they are developing new fuctions, features and use cases for the eSteem Points (ESTM).
For example Steem Engine token integration (depends on smt release), getting Steem Power delegation for eSteem Points (ESTM), which means that the users will be able to exchange their eSteem Points (ESTM) to Steem Power delegation.

Lol they like it this way, and I just on-boarded a new user.
She doesn't have a prayer, there is no way any new user will survive this " fix " !

I don't know about you but I've noticed a lot more people curating introduction posts lately. Maybe you could help them "survive" by undelegating most of your SP from a bid bot and curating her.

More than likely just more sock accounts or alts, whatever you want to call them of the bigger accounts.

@ocd has managed to get a few new content creators in lately so it's not more than likely no.

Because of the widespread use of sybil accounts on here that is a question no one can honestly answer, even with a more than likely no answer.

"Sybil" accounts... Ha, I like it! lol

Or maybe we should delegate EVERYTHING, since our upvotes don't count for anything anymore anyway.

with the new hard fork bid bots are the only way to really maximize returns and not be stuck with 50% under 20 Steem.

I think you are right :(

Ha, many old users have already left for greener pastures. New users don't stand a chance except for a waste of their time and effort. It's unfortunate that interference from a few greedy whales destoyed something that once held great promise.

Where are the greener pastures?

Probably the pastures with mushrooms growing in them... 'cause it doesn't appear to be in Steemit!