Justin Sun claims Steemit Inc is "not involved" in a HF that they're in full control over

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Justin Sun took to Twitter recently to give his statement on the new Steem hard fork. There are just a few problems with his statements, they can all be falsified on the blockchain he "bought".

steemit witness voting.png

Justin Sun's statement on Twitter claiming Steemit is "not involved" in the HF while simultaneously voting in and out new consensus witnesses hours before the fork.

In case you've missed it, we're now just hours away from a new hard fork on Steem that will "seize" 23,6 million tokens worth well over 5,000,000$ as of today's price. The tokens will be removed from the balances of the 64 accounts currently holding them, and moved to a newly created account on steem community321 with an anonymous creator (this is not a decentralized account, but keys held by one or more individuals behind the hard fork).

It is also important to note that none of the current Steem consensus witnesses running HF23 would be in a consensus positions without the vote from the Steemit Inc proxy account (despite it being 2 months since the Hive hard fork where the community witnesses left).

Is Steemit involved in the new hard fork?

While this is going on, Steemit is actively voting in newly created witnesses running the new hard fork code. As an example, both @rnt1 and inwi, are both created just hours ago, the same day as the hard fork is expected to go live. Both are created by @dlike which is also an existing consensus witness.

Not only that, it only took minutes from these newly created witnesses updated to the new HF before they were voted by the Steemit Inc proxy account dev365 (to which all the steemit account proxies their stake-based witness votes as seen on steem, steemit, among others).

dlikes creates rnt1 dev365 upvotes.png

dlike creates inwi dev365 approves.png

Dlike, another Steem consensus witness, creates two new witness accounts that are immediately approved by the Steemit Inc voting account.

In face of this, to claim that Steemit Inc is somehow "not involved" is absurd. Not only are they involved, but they are also in full control of the new fork.

Did Hive witnesses take the assets from Steemit or the current Steem witnesses?

The claim that the former Steem community witnesses, now Hive, in any way "took" property of anyone can also be controlled for. The basis for this statement is the fact that when Hive was created, it didn't copy the balances of the Steemit accounts or those voting for the Steemit-controlled witnesses used to take over the chain.

However, for the statement that "the Hive witnesses took their assets away from them by force" to be true, it must be shown that those in question have had assets removed. Not that they did not receive a new asset. Anyone can look at the Hive hardfork code to control whether or not those excluded had their balances on Steem affected. As demonstrated by the fact that Steemit holds more than enough staked STEEM to single-handedly decide what witnesses are in consensus and thus what new fork is implemented, it should barely need to be reviewed. But for those interested, I would encourage them to look up each account in the Hive blacklist on Steem to see whether or not they have had any assets belonging to them altered or removed. They have not.

The only accounts on Steem threatened to have their assets taken from them are those touched by the new Steem HF.

So in conclusion, the statements made by Justin are ignorant at best but more likely a desperate and/or arrogant attempt to shape the narrative to be what he needs it to be. Another series of lies.

Remember, anyone can browse the actions of the Steemit voting account on the steemd block explorer https://steemd.com/@dev365. Please go look into all of the details yourself.


"It is not me who created this fork, the witnesses created this fork. Oh and by the way, those witnesses are only in consensus because I myself voted them in with my controlling majority stake. But I swear steemit inc and myself are not responsible for this!"

That logic is not going to stand for more than 1 minute in court.

Yeah... It's very telling though that he finds it so important to try and distance himself from the fork. He clearly knows it can cause problems given his wording. I guess he thinks that most people will not take the time to dig deeper. Which is why I felt the need to make this post and word it towards an outside audience.

@fredrikaa Thank you so much for your post.

Ya, but the logic that he called witnesses who froze as malicious hackers and tried to defame them will stand. Nothing makes the fork equals to stealing, still he used such terms amounts to defame, should stand in court.

If anybody who is eager for the legal recourse, it's those went for the fork and support it.

Not anybody can just go ahead and use any kinds of labels publically without any basis..

Thanks @fredrikaa for this post. Many users allude to the dev365 actions or provide screenshots without attribution. Your post is detailed and provided sufficient detail for historians to have confidence in its claims! As such, it's an important contribution to the chronicles of Hive and its creation out of the rubble of Steem.

That was my intention with the post. I believe we need a lot more coverage and posts about Hive generally tailored to an audience that do not already have all the background information. Too much of the content on Hive is written with the community in mind and thus less informative to those without prior knowledge.

This is absurd. The Twitter statement is just a legal defense strategy. It's just a fail safe to run to if things backfire in his face.

Yup. He is certainly hoping that most people out there will only look at Twitter and the news, and not care to dig deeper.

There are people who live only to dig deeper and deeper.

He is digging himself deeper and deeper that's for sure

Things have already backfired in his face with the fork.. What gives him or anybody a right to call the fork as stealing? But, Good.

Good that he did what he did and good that the fork happened.. I suggest,, Hivians.. Let's go legal.. Slap charges against him for defamation. he must not be allowed to use any labels without any base. If he does so, he must pay for them..

sooner or later justin's gonna backstab the koreans, and vice versa.
this is going to be interesting 😂

Looking at the witness voting going on right now. It seems to already be going on.

I'm more curious of what will happen when @community321 receives 6.1% of the Steem supply.

AND now that he publicly said he's not involved, proof of ownership on community321 goes out the window 🤣

what the chinese don't realize is that some koreans are just as communist or worse. they're gonna be fucking themselves so hard it's gonna be like bitconnect all over again.

LoL.... i just love this drama ! It could also be another brilliant attempt to keep JS name trending in the news. It literally cost them nothing but the media buzz it generated positive/negative could be all a great PR move for them.

Haha. I'm pretty confident in saying that this is not "their doing" in any meaningful way. First of all, his ego is way too big to allow for such a series of savage defeats. Second, this hard fork shows complete incompetence of all parties involved, to seize or confiscate millions of dollars to an account they then claim to not have been in control over.

That said, everyone should be happy now. Justin has control over a chain where the remaining users are ok with him owning the stake that the Hive community believes was a dev fund. While we're here with a new chain without the STINC stake. So let's focus on building better products and attracting more people to crypto.

Non-sense.. Ok Go Ahead. Go Legal way... These false accusations amount to defamation.

Calling witnesses who froze the coins as "malicious hackers", now calling forking as "stealing"..

I wonder, does he even understand the blockchain technology properly or not?

Forking equals Stealing???

No man,, these kind of libelous attitude is not-acceptable. Go legal way and he must pay for these blatant use of labels such as "malicious hackers", "stealing"..

Not okay...

If anybody who should seek a legal recourse, it is the Hive community and witnesses who are being slandered as malicious stealers. This sort of attitude is not even remotely acceptable.

Justin is like a mini-Trump, just saying whatever he thinks will fly the best in the there and now, without any deep thought, intellectual honesty or proper understanding. It's almost a bit entertaining in a way when you consider it like that.

I don't have the time or energy to start a lawsuit myself. But I will be happy to testify and provide insights to those that might.

When I read his statement on twitter I had to zoom my screen just to see if that was legit. Turns out it was and couldn't believe he could be that arrogant and ignorant.

Haha, you were not the only one!

Justin Sun is a joke for the whole crypto community. So glad we were able to defend Steem by forking to Hive. Thx to everyone involved in the Hive fork :)

Thank you very much for your information my friends @fredrikaa 👌

Justin Sun is evil

Unbelievable that this man would do that

Justin Sun a bad man

Fool me once Justin Scum shame on you, now everything else he says shall be considered a lie! .

this will affect the curent steem price and also affect the steem economy.
Hoping the community itself unite to solve this issue.

He is so full of it. I don't know how half the world believes anything that comes of his mouth anymore. As much as I don't want to, every time I see a story about him in my news feed I actually read it just to see how much it has been spun in his favor. It is pretty pathetic.