Please let team @blocktrades know what do you/your project/your community want to see with the HF25.

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You can read the latest @blocktrades post here and let them know directly what changes you want to see in our HIVE Network before they publish the plans for HF25 next week.

Me personally want to see the following changes.

  1. New Power down period 5 weeks

  2. 5 weeks Expiring witness votes for inactive witness

Just do it


I'm not really in favour of quicker power down, but expiring witness votes seem a good idea. We just need tools to remind us to renew our votes.

Happy that we at least agree on witness votes.

Power Down period needs to have community referendum

Hi brother!
May Blocktrades fulfill your wish..
This two changes is one of the most urgent changes.
Have a great day..

Let's do this!!

  1. nah
  2. yes

but can blocktrades just change that? sounds pretty centralized..

Blocktrades's team can do the work and then propose a hard fork, but the top 17 witnesses must decide to run the new code.

Thank you for the feedback.

I was gonna say what @fbslo did say.

As community and stakeholders we can put the suggestions forward for HF25

Thanks for continuing to make Hive awesome.