I recovered the @flaws account.

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Hi! My name is Jeancarlos García. Since the creation of the account @flaws, I have been the sole owner of this account and I have been the person who has always been publishing all the content that has been seen here until a year or so ago. As a personal decision, I moved away from Hive for various reasons, more than anything else it was due to fatigue and dependence on making publications in a very active and repetitive way to be able to sustain myself economically, the latter being even seen as abusing the reward pool, something that morally I didn't feel right to do, so I decided to leave the platform without saying anything more or giving more drama (and, by that time, there was still a lot of madness regarding Steem and Hive because of the fork, I have no idea how things are now).

My account was targeted for hacking after a couple of months of leaving the platform. Most of my funds were stolen, but I didn't pay that much attention to it since by that time I already had a job that allowed me to get by financially without Hive and, my account by that time wasn't worth much (I think about $100, maybe less, I have no idea), but the financial value wasn't the most important thing. After a few months, the person who took over my account began to impersonate me (Jeancarlos Garcia), making content as if it were me and taking advantage of the trust placed in me by the various curation trails that voted this account.

When I noticed that, the first thing I did was to make a request through Discord to the most influential people I knew letting them know what was happening with my account. I really appreciate the speed they had to make the case known and prevent the account from being used for further exploitation of the platform.

After that, I completely forgot about what happened here and went for quite some time without remembering what happened here. But, one of my personal Facebook personal accounts was hacked by the same guy who hacked my Hive account, which prompted me to make the following post after I got the account back: https://www.facebook.com/jeancarlos.garcia.3557440/posts/2847934742147991?

It says

Hola jejex al parecer un hdp que no valora su vida andaba usando mi fb para invitar a darle me gusta a páginas maricas, si tienen números de sicarios para mandarlo a rayar, porfa me los dejan en mi otro fb o en mi whatsapp porque ya sé quién es. Disculpen las invitaciones

In English it is translated as something like this:

Hello jeje apparently a asshole who does not value his life was using my fb to invite to give likes to pages, if you have numbers of hitmen to send it to scratch, please leave them in my other fb or my whatsapp because I know who he is. Sorry for the invitations

Honestly that was my breaking point. I think anyone's patience would have run out long ago, incredibly mine lasted quite a while, so, after a while, I proceeded to pay this person a visit (since he was previously a very close friend of mine and I obviously know where he lives) and that's where I "kindly" asked him to stop his stupid and unjustified hunting.

It is a rather long personal story with many details that could compromise my person. Likewise, the people who have helped me so far (Like Hivewatchers and Jaguar.force) know most of the information already and I am very grateful with all the support and understanding they have had. These last 2 days I haven't had the slightest idea what to post about it as apparently this account is very frowned upon in the community. I really hope to be able to re-enter under the account I created since my start in Hive and I will ask for a little bit of empathy and understanding in this complex process.

btw, I posted something on my Twitter about the recuperation of my account:

I don't know if I should post something in more social networks that I used before, so I will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Anyway, this post is just to let you know that my account is completely safe now and that, I may want to go back to posting on Hive as a hobby and re-integrate into the community. It's a pleasure to be here ^.^. (And yes, the @jeang account is also owned by me, I created it in case I wanted to come back to Hive).


Interesting story. Glad you could made it back!

That's very patient of you to deal with that kind of crap.

That's why I "kindly" asked him to stop. wink, wink

That's good, I would've just hired someone else to make the negotiations happen. Gives additional convincing powers knowing someone else can just do the dirty work without you laying finger on them.

Sorry for not responding, college and work consume 300% of my time currently D:

Yes, of course, there was no need to get dirty. A couple of threatening words and friends 3 times as big and burly as me is intimidating enough. I just asked for his laptop and grabbed what was mine.

Hopefully you can keep your keys safe this time.

They are definitely safe.

Welcome back.

Hey mate, thanks!