Algerian Revolution(1830-1962):Greatest Revolution Of XXth Century(1) !!

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I will introduce you to best revolution in moderne era, the Algerian revolutionwhich lasted 132 years for freedom and independence and that in multiple parts ... and we will see Chronology of the Algerian revolution 1830-1962hoping get attention and interest.

Algerian War


The Algerian revolution of the most revolutions and violent fighting and ferocity of the twentieth century, the story of Algeria independence long seasons story, sad events, combining the heroism and tragedy, between oppression and resistance, between oppression and colonialism, between freedom and demand independence, the story of Algeria of the struggle and insistence and determination, The heroes of Algeria wrote through time with their blood and heroism, the greatest stories and the greatest epics, and to serve as a model for the revolutions of global liberation.

Overview Of General Situation In Algeria Before The French Occupation (1514-1830)


Before the French colonial rule, Algeria was under the rule of the Ottoman Empire from 1514 to 1830, after Algeria asked for help from the Ottomans to push the Spanish invasion of the Spanish Empire, which was then a great rival to the Ottomans, where the Spaniards occupied the Algerian city of Oran by the Catholic kings Cardinal and Gonzalo Cisneroz. Barbaros and his brother Khairuddin Barbarossa nicknamed red beard during the reign of Sultan Selim I, then took control of the city and began to expand their lands in the neighboring areas.

A portrait of khairuddin Barbarossa

khairuddin stopped all the campaigns of the Spanish Empire over Algeria in Oran, Bejaia and Tlemcen presenting the idea of Sultan Selim I to annex Algeria to the Ottoman Empire.
The wise men of the region suggested that Khairuddin Barbaros stay in Algeria. Then he offered them the idea of linking Algeria to the Ottoman Empire. They agreed and then presented the idea to Sultan Selim I I to annex Algeria to the Ottoman Empire.

In the 16th century, Algeria became a province of the Ottoman Empire;it and the rest of the Middle Maghreb joined the Ottoman Empire as a new state from 1518and appointed Khairuddin Barbarosas the first Turkish ruler of Algeria.

Phases Of Ottoman Rule In Algeria


The rule of the Ottomans spread over Algeria for more than three centuries. The governor of Algeria was known as beylerbey(1518-1587)and was replaced by the name of Pasha (1587-1659), Aghat (1659-1671)and finally Dey (1671-1830).
Algeria enjoyed great autonomy, under the authority of a military power exercised by the dey and controlled by the militia of Turkish janissaries. The Ottomans built fortifications along the coast and set up garrisons. But they were not limited to the control of the Mediterranean coast, because they had military posts in the high plains of the South.


The Algerians 'acceptance of Turkish rule was part of a historical and psychological context, underscored by the Algerians' rejection of all attempts by Spaniards and Europeans, who sought to extend their influence and control over the southern bank of the Mediterranean.
The European threats to the country have made Algeria interested in its warships to protect its coasts, protecting its commercial interests and Andalusian immigrants from the attacks of European pirates and forming a naval fleet supported by gun Algerian fleet reached the peak of its power in the middle of the 17th century, enabling it to repel and thwart most of the military campaigns against Algeria. The role of the Algerian fleet in protecting international trade from pirates stranded across the sea has increased.


Algerian fleet and its force put an end to piracy, which made European countries work to end this regime under the cover of ending the so-calledpiracy practiced by the European adventurous masses with the consent and support of their countries.

The most important thing that brought Algeria to fame, money and enemies is the system in which the Algerian Navy was working to protect merchant ships from pirates by paying their countries for taxes in return for protection. If the tax is not paid, the ship concerned will be charged,noting that taxes on European countries and others will increase the enemies of Algeria. And the dissatisfaction of Western countries.

Algeria's Foreign Relations International And Status In Ottoman Era


In 17th century, Algeria completed its sovereignty and building its institutions as a sovereign state, which helped it to play a civilized role thanks to the strength of its naval fleet, which led the European countries to establish diplomatic and commercial relations with them.


Algeria has established political and commercial relations with several European countries, where Algeria has defended the prevention of any European alliance against it. European countries have been forced to get closer to Algeria and exchange diplomatic representation with them to preserve their commercial interests from piracy by offering financial guarantees to them. Relations have not been free of disputes and naval wars because of dispute over sovereignty over the Mediterranean.

The relationship between Algeria and other countries was good based on common interests:

  • Europe and the United States of America: established political and commercial relations individually on the pretext of emptying among the countries of Europe and prevent their unity and alliance against Algeria.

  • Rest of Europe: Portugal, the Netherlands and Sweden were quick to establish diplomatic relations with the insurance of their trans-Mediterranean shipping vessels.

  • United States of America: sought to establish a relationship of friendship and cooperation with Algeria in order to protect its vessels in the Mediterranean where the peace treaty was concluded in 1795.

  • Britain: Algeria had often friendly relations with Britain. Algeria benefited from the fierce rivalry between Britain and France. These relations entered into peace treaties between the two countries, which provided for the promotion of trade between the two countries.

  • Spain:Has been characterized by tension in most of its periods due to repeated campaigns on the cities and ports of Algeria.

  • France: relationship was good in Generally; in1793, Algeria's Dai Hassan Pasha decided to give France a special loan to buy foodstuffs from Algeria in the amount of one million Swiss francs. In 1794 he followed another loan of 2 million Swiss francs. Algeria's food aid to France has gone beyond military aid to stand up to its enemies. and then worsened by the debt crisis.

Destruction of Algerian fleet in the battle of Navarino

At the beginning of 1800, relations with the European countries began to be strained after Europe entered the industrial revolution and did not keep pace with the Algerian industry. This led to the imbalance of the military balance between the Algerian and European sides. This was manifested in the frequent military campaigns against algerian ports. France, at Vienna Conference in 1814-1815, raised the issue of "Algiers". The convention agreed to destroy this country at aix-La- Chapelle Conference in 1819, when 30 European countries agreed to eliminate the "State of Algeria"And to eliminate Algerian maritime sovereignty in the Mediterranean basin.


The task was assigned to France,England and russia, and the conditions were appropriate for the invasion when the two countries were able to destroy the Algerian fleet in the Battle of Navarino in 1827.
The naval battle took place on 20 October 1827 between the Algerian fleet, supported by the Ottoman fleet against the Allied fleets (Britain, France and Russia) in the current south-western Gulf of Navarino. The Ottomans lost a great defeat. It was the beginning of weakness in the ranks of the Ottoman Empire and the fall of Algeria in 1830 under French colonialism, and a break point towards the independence of Greece from Ottoman rule.



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