A hundred years ago - 11/6/1921

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every day I will try to provide the most important events of the day a hundred years ago.
If I forgot something that should be mentioned, let me know.
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  • In order to end the armed struggles between German and Polish military associations in Upper Silesia, the interalled commission has a disassembly of the troops.British soldiers should monitor compliance with the ceasefire.

  • The interalled Rhinelandommission publishes a regulation in Koblenz, after which production and sale of alcohol in the Rhineland are subject to the control of the Allies.The Reich Government in Berlin then criticizes the "construction of the brandy monopoly" as an intervention in the territories of the empire.

  • Before the Central Board of the German People's Party (DVP), the party chairman Gustav Stresemann in Hamburg justifies the rejection of the London ultimatum of the Allies from 5 May through his faction.Due to the fulfillment of the reparation receivables, German consciousness and state authority would weaken.