My friends and I had dinner at Ayame on Sunday evening and even though we were the first customers of the restaurant after it opened,

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My friends and I had dinner at Ayame on Sunday evening and even though we were the first customers of the restaurant after it opened, it was filling up fast. We ordered different starters and main courses and it was a complete disaster,

371069105_1648475355560476_4719877717689076022_n (1).jpg

but one order was useless and the dish came to us in the right way and most importantly the food was fresh and tasty. The tempura and gyoza dishes are fresh and delicious, light and fluffy. I will return here without hesitation. Ayame has a beautiful, romantic and warm atmosphere, but the food is the star. We shared a variety of sushi and sashimi, fresh and delicious, followed by the Black Cod Miso, which was exceptional.


The cod is cooked well, enjoyed with meat and a good miso marinade. The green tea ice cream isn't too sweet - there are 3 generous scoops, so we'll happily share it. Follow them all with a good sparkling wine. The work is good. Highly recommended We made reservations earlier in the evening for dinner at Ayame Japanese Restaurant.


This turned out to be a wise decision as all the tables were booked for the evening. It's a popular restaurant, that's for sure.
The place is beautiful.


We started with starters to share: tempura and gyoza. We all had a great experience with all the dishes selected in the service. We will be back here for a special event. BYO wine and beer. Food turns out to be good value for money.



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