How to Build a RAISED BED Using PALLETS, FREE Backyard Gardening

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Today I want to show you how to easily build a raised bed using FREE recycled pallets so you can be eating fresh veggies without breaking the bank.

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Amazingly produced video, as usual, and I really love the style of these. Many times raised beds are not visually attractive in the slightest, and thats not the case with these. They are beautiful James 🙂 I hope your garden is coming along nicely.. we are having insane weather here this year.

Thanks @justineh! Yeah it's growing nicely, but the weather has been rough here also. The winds have just been crazy, but me and Tuck (the dog) are still having fun :)

Dude you make we want to run out and plant some stuff. Awesome video. haha! Just wait until I start putting out more gardening focused videos 😉

What a lovely video, I have learnt how to do this bed now. I am used to making the floor bed but this is a very good idea. Weldone @gardeningchannel and thanks for sharing

Thank you @matthiasolusegun! I'm glad you enjoyed the video and found some value in it my friend.

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I randomly just found your video titled: "They told me gardening like This wouldn’t work, I didn't listen" on youtube!
I looked in the description and I saw Steemit!
Love the video man :D