SplinterLands Q&A Series2:: What is BCX – Can You Explain?

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We are into the Second Series of SplinterLands Q&A; this time we have the question


Watch the video to know the Answer...I've gone ahead with a live example to explain what BCX actually means. Further, I go onto combining the cards to increase its level and BCX so that it is understood clearly - What BCX is all about..

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Great video! You should enter my new contest! Check it out @clove71!

Hi, nice video but music volume is high which makes it but difficult to understand. May be you can think of putting the volume down or even can remove which would be good for viewers.

Thanks Alok. Yes, I'll reduce the background music, you know-how the flats system here in India is. So as to avoid the noise I have this background music. But, Yes I take your feedback and remove it in my next Video. I did rather reduce the music in my latest Video Series though..


I know brother but whatever I felt while watching the video , I shared. Hopefully reduction will help and needless to say that you are creating amazing content that I love watching. Keep up the great work buddy.

Absolutely.. Thank you.. Have a Nice Day Ahead..

In between brother, I see that you curate for tipu, right.. Do you think am I should also be created by Tipu.. :-)

Will surely do brother. Thanks