Practice Social Distancing Like A Pro ft. Dr Suvidha Seth

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These are desperate times!!! Social distancing (सोशल डिस्टन्सिंग / सामाजिक दूरी) done with the right mindset can help us fight the biggest crisis this planet is facing right now. This video is in Hindi.

Today is 22nd March and the starting of the first official lockdown in India called Janata Curfew. In this video, Dr. Suvidha Seth is talking about Why social distancing is important and how you can practice it like a pro in 3 simple steps. Watch the whole video ;)

Social Distancing Explained By A Doctor // Timestamps:

00:26 Why Strict Measures Are Necessary To Be Taken In India?
01:03 What Is Social Distancing / सामाजिक दूरी? What is आइसोलेशन , क्वारंटाइन & सोशल डिस्टन्सिंग?
01:33 Why Social Distancing / सामाजिक दूरी is Important?
01:48 Who Are Sub Clinical Carriers?
03:43 My Personal Experience
04:05 Stop Panic Buying
04:57 Spread Awareness and Educate The Masses
05:25 #JanataCurfew - Announced by PM Narendra Modi
06:20 Summary

I hope you guys like it. Please do comment your thoughts, feedback and suggestions. Share it with your family and friends to spread the word. Let's fight this together guys. It's a matter of few days or weeks. Enjoy the time with your family. ;)

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