Intervention and personal investment on Hive! HIVE-VLOG #003

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Good day, @hiveblock and @threespeaks, and I do mean good day. It’s 1:30p.m. I’m prepping for a quaratine/distance shoot with Minneapolis burlesque performer, Joy Coy. Last night, I had an interview on a podcast with an Australian photography magazine. It started a bit late, ran a little long, and by the time it was over, I’d missed the window to blog. I had all the camera equipment set up, and I decided to shoot a Hive VLOG, just talking about the current state of the union, and how it’s all affecting me personally.

The name if the game, and the theme of this video is investing in yourself, and by proxy, Hive. That doesn’t mean buying up a bunch of Hive tokens if you’re unable […but always a good idea if you are]. One of the beautiful things about this place is that we can earn through sweat equity, posting and publishing meaningful content. It’s tough to find it, and in this video I’ll talk about inspirational pillars of the Hive community that make me want to do better. Turn your content output in in to value of Hive, and elevate your position on the blockchain.

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Just another stream of consciousness VLOG, here. Nothing extremely profound, but all part of the exercise in keeping myself in front of the camera and continuing to engage with the community. I’m really optimistic and bullish on Hive’s future. I’m utilizing this time during quarantine fo manifest the changes I want to see in my life and career. I’m hoping many of you are able to the same. It’s a time of self reflection; an intervention, in some ways. I’m grateful to have a place I can share these thoughts. Thanks for watching!

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It's great to finally put a face to this account :)
Great Video Kommie :)!


Still watching, but I think you're right, alot of people are having a very hard time. And it's even sadder cause the recession hasn't fully hit yet. I feel there are harder times coming up. We just have to keep pushing and being smart with our investments. At least you guys have stimulus and can claim unemployment, in some parts of the world, that's not an option. It's alot harder. The trick now is to make the little we have work...

I definitely feel you on that, @elsiekjay. I feel so many complicated emotions about this pandemic. Many of the western nations are doing an awful job of mitigating the real health risks, while at the same time, using it as an excuse to power grab. One the macro level, friends of mine are doing really well, or really bad. There doesn't seem to be a lot of in between. Thanks for the comment.

"... covered in like schmuatzz,..." - loved it!!!

HAHA! Yeah, lol. I know there's so much that goes in to your shoots that most of us never see or experience, @gringalicious.

I think that investing in yourself is the first and best way to invest 👍

Yeah, @carolineschell. And I admit, I'm just starting to do it as a practice. It's working out so far.

I think this is the first time I'll see you in a motion picture aside from your pin-up shoots. Something definitely stayed with me after watching this video and that's the fact that. Investing in oneself is the ultimate thing apart from investing money. Quality shot too.

Hello @kommienezuspadt, I don’t think we have interacted before on Hive. I am impressed by the production quality of your video (and audio). And your stream of consciousness is surprisingly articulate. I don’t think I could speak so clearly, especially not on video, and definitely not in a single take. Anyway, I’m going to follow and I will look forward to watching your future VLOGS. Kudos and thanks for sharing your thoughts.

Stupid Life Shit Getting In The Way Of What We Really Want To Do...

It's something very simple you said in your Vlog, but it IS really the epitome of what life is about in my opinion. I spend most of my days trying to muddle through life shit, to get to my ideal life. For me it is very weighted to the stupid side. I have a hard time finding and maintaining the proper balance.

The pudding song sounds interesting.. I'll have to check that out.

I also heard you state that you consider yourself a "Pillar" of the blockchain in some form or another. SO VERY TRUE! and you SHOULD be proud of that accomplishment. I also thank you for sticking it out and being that pillar.. without the pillars I wouldn't have a place to come to hang out and spew my babble. Thank You!

My mom gave me her old Sears SLR to play with and my buddy set up a dark room to develop our bad photos in. I still have all my dark room equipment, I hate to let it go just yet. I still have that old Sears camera and some film I can load into a cartridge.. Your story of giving your old Nikon to your buddy is sort of sparking my interest in doing that again. hmmmmmmmmm... haha. I just may do that.

I enjoyed your post, as always. Have an Awesome Saturday! I'll see you around the Hive!!!

I'm still getting to know all about hive cause I joined recently. Watching this video and many would give me a guide on how to invest on Hive.
Learned a little about photography☺️
Wonderful camera you used there @kommie

Very cool Lars! I agree everyone should invest in themselves!! Love the idea of these vlogs!

Nice job! I can't bring myself to do a Vlog. I hate my voice and I have a feeling I would look like a total dork on the camera. I have come close to doing a couple, but I always chicken out!