What's the Endgame for Bitcoin?

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Markku Jantunen says "What do you think is the most likely endgame for Bitcoin? Will censorship resistant, decentralised and hard-capped digital money become the backbone of the financial system in the future? What are the chances that central banks will begin stacking up on Bitcoin?"

Here's my response!

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You pronounced my name correctly on the first try. :)

I think the store of value function of Bitcoin could benefit from a stronger network effect bolstered by the use of Bitcoin as a medium of exchange. Ideally, that means second-tier solutions like the Lightning Network. You can pay with Bitcoin in many places, if you look for such places, but the current infrastructure of Bitcoin does not scale for widespread use of Bitcoin as a medium of exchange.

People are much more likely to hold on to a form of money they can buy essentials with during times like this.

Haha! Good to know. Thanks for the question Markku 😀

Great point. Hopefully Lightning Network adoption will rise substantially over the next few years

@tipu curate

I think it'll be much more than that. First institutions will get interested for speculation purposes (we're already seeing that). Then countries will invest in it. Central banks will be interested in holding reserves in Bitcoin like they do with Gold.

Strongly I believe Bitcoin will still stand on its own and resist the forces battling against it. Bitcoin is the future