Eve Online - The first 20 minutes

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Eve Online is one of the largest space MMORPG ever to be released. Eve is a futuristic world where Earth can no longer sustain the demand for resources relied upon from an ever growing population. Expansion grew beyond the Milky Way into vast sections of the Universe. New colonies were formed called the New Eden and with that came conflict and a fight for power and resources. During this time the gate connecting these two worlds was destroyed. And in time Earth and The Eden were seen as a distant memory buried within the history archives. Over a millennia five distinct societies rose to prominence from the surviving colonies. Your adventure starts with you enlisting into one of the five factions joining the struggle for resources, power and control.

I've been putting off playing this game for years due to the shear size and learning curve required to start playing. I'm making this a series of Eve online for others who might be curious and looking to take the plunge.

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PC Specifications :
I7 3770
Nvidia 1660 Super OC 6GB
Running on Ultra settings 1080P

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