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Not much to say when it comes to visual conversations. Images speak louder than words. One idea leads to another idea. One madness leads to another greater madness. Someone on the other side of the world looks out that window into your thoughts and opens their own window to let you see theirs. It is always an answer. It is always an invitation. It is always a dialogue and it is always reflected and shown forever, that particular point of view of each one of us. it is always a universe inside another universe. But above all ... There is always fun. Whenever you draw your soul rejoices and remains in peace. At least for a while, until a new idea comes along.
Which leads to another idea. Which leads to another madness ...

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Hi! Thank you so much for buying my drawing Giant Frog on NFT showroom :D
Please choose the next dragon head you'd like me to tokenize and you'll receive (2nd edition) as the bonus ^_^ (or let me know if you want random)
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Hey! Thank you for sharing your art.
Norum & Fram are my favorite ones.
But.. do what you want! This is your superpower as an artist. ;)

Sweet! Thank you for the reply ^-^