My 3 Question to @yousafharoonkhan with #CommunityAMA Initiative

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Before Making This video, i want thank to @theycallmedan for taking this initiative.

I want to ask @yousafharoonkhan Brother some questions today. He is my Big brother. Questions that will help me gain a lot of experience on this platform. I hope my brother will help me with the correct answers to these questions. I do not know him personally. But as far as I know him is a man of much better mind. He is a very good man. I hope he will satisfy me by answering these questions. The questions I will ask him are the ones I am asking now.

And I want to thank @hafizullah and @priyanarc apu more. I and many others can learn a lot by watching many of their videos. As they are experienced, I will tell them to make more informative video for encourage us.


Have a good News For 3speak fan.

I Have Creat a Funny Discord Server.
This Server Only For 3Speak Fan. I'm old user on 3speak. i like 3speak. That's why i was thinking , we need a fan club. Need enjoy and Need Funny Time.

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Now this server member is 230+
Hope you guys enjoy in this server. Thank you very much.

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Aslam-mu-Alakum @ospro
My dear brother, first of all thank you very much for considering me worthy and asking me questions. This is your love and sincerity.
I will answer all three of your questions very soon, InshahAllah.
Always be happy and be successful.

I'm starting to think You're mybown brother, 💖..may allah bless you and stay healthy.

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