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You probably know that Hive blockchain is pretty new and that dApps are slowly moving from STEEM to HIVE... There is some confusion as the chain is very young, so I have decided to create a short video about dApps that I'm using to "communicate" with the HIVE blockchain at the moment.

Of course, some dApps aren't available on Hive (...for now... :) ), but slowly we are getting there...

It's the main blockchain explorer where you can check all the transaction happened on the HIVE blockchain... You can search your account name and see all the details in one place... Also, you can check active witnesses...


The main website of the HIVE blockchain where you can find all the information about it, like the mission, the ecosystem, you can find the link to wallets and a lot of other things...


One of the frontends for the Hive blockchain where you can log in to the HIVE blockchain, create posts, comment, check balance, etc...


Another frontend for the Hive blockchain and my favorite with a lot of simple and small gadgets that you will use probably every day... Very powerful!

Awesome platform for the video creators where you can upload your video and connect it with your Hive account...


Another great video platform for video creators... They still didn't fully prepare their platform for HIVE, but with a simple trick with changing API to (, your video will be published on the HIVE blockchain...



One of the best mobile dApp for checking, creating, engaging your HIVE account on your mobile phone...

The HIVE blockchain is old just a couple of days and we already have a bunch of very useful and awesome applications to work with... Very soon, this number will be multiplied by a couple of times...

Welcome to HIVE!!!

Take care, ~ph~

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Music in video:
Growing Up by Scott Buckley
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Thank you, Bradley... I want to keep those links on 1 place... not just for newcomers, but for everyone...

Nice video Zoltan, and great collection of useful tools for Hive, DTube just updated their interface and Hive is now included, and as to Steemworld I am very sceptic to that coming to Hive, Steemchiller became a Steem witness, and you should read his post, SW is closed source by the way, and he is running a custom node to make it work, as to PeakD you also have Peaklock it encrypts your keys in the browser and never leaves it, stay safe an awesome.

Yeah... I hope that some smart developer will create something similar to SteemWorld, as that is an awesome tool...

Fully agree there, let's keep our fingers crossed.