Brave And Leofinance: Epitomizing Web 3.0

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When it comes to building wealth, we can start to see the foundation being laid. This is something being epitomized by both the Brave Browser and Leofinance, both of which show the formation of a circular economy.

In this video I discuss how these two apps are paving the way for other opportunities and what is ahead of us with Web 3.0.

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It really is meant to be small steps in the right direction. If it was meant to be easy as hell and make everyone rich, it wouldn't be real.

A couple years ago, a team of us dove into crypto with the objective of learning all we could, and amassing 1000 of each token. Now, some are easier to earn than others but I have passively authored, searched, bought, traded and otherwise earned my way in that direction.

This is doing thing I either normally would have done (presearch) or spent time doing for token and many other benefits (STEEM/Hive).

Seems like such a slow start to all this seeing as we have been early adopters for years but there will be an accelleration point as we approach early majority adoption. The slower it happens, the longer it can last so I am cool with it!

Good insight man.