Justin Sun's own representative says he agrees with the soft fork

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This is a clip of the Town Hall on March 13th where David Roebuck says he agrees with the soft fork. This is Justin's representative of Tron that replaced Roy.

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When you logically break it down, it's very obvious what happened. There was never any ill intention. @justinsunsteemit overreacted and now is digging his heals in instead of doing the right thing.

Whose logic, Dan? You lock me out of my house and that is not hostile? If someone wanted to halt transfers and freeze accounts they should have invested in EOS.

I'm pretty sure everybody overreacted. Developers and witnesses fear mongered the entire community based on a premise that they themselves could not prove.

Let me "logically break it down"...
The community was mobilized based out of an assumption that Justin Sun would do wrong with the rewards that was allegedly meant for "developing Steem", yet we can only go off the accusations from the devs & legacy witnesses.

Did we know for sure that Justin Sun was going to negatively hurt the community in the manner that everyone thought?


Both sides screwed up and I trust the witnesses and the dev community even less now. Not to mention, if someone paid for an account and the transaction was finalized, they should be able to do whatever they want with their coins that they rightfully purchased... Usurping a user, regardless of who the user is, from the power to access their rewards that they rightfully purchased absolutely concerns me. Especially when the dev team and the witnesses brought no strong facts to substantiate or to give credibility to their claims against Sun.

I agree with you, but pass that same judgement on the OG Witnesses.. I think from both sides there never was any ill intention and both sides overreacted and let ego's come before doing what's right.

I don't feel too bad about what's to come, my best guess is we will meet in the middle and end up backing the same blockchain.

I buy that.

We might know, if just anyone would leak the 'price' paid for STEEMit Inc. If the STEEM of the ninja stake was calculated unconsidering it's purpose, then any speculations around intentions might be a waste of time. Stuck between a rock and a hard place, Sun would be forced to try and overturn this chain ANYHOW. Just to not lose millions of dollars for his company, making him a professional enemy of the legitimate STEEM stakeholders, who actually really bought their STEEM in a nice and fair fashion.

Sounds like a realistic assessment based on what I’ve seen of him

Next time you buy something @theycallmedan, I'll come round your house and take it, but it's okay, I'll give it back as long as you do something for me first. I'm sure you'll understand.


@theycallmedan donate some of your power to Dapps

Damn talk about putting your foot in your mouth.

"But I said NOT as a Tron representative" lol if only it worked that way when you are speaking in a "Town Hall" about the Tron #SteemHostileTakeover

David sounds reasonable. It seems to me Justin doesn’t listen to his own advisors and friends.

What??? The Steemcleaners and Spaminator bullies cannot beat Justin Sun???

Tough luck

I'm afraid , he'll get caught up by all his uninformed decisions. Let's watch.

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I feel like it’s just another example of saying what we want to hear, and even the introduction of a new, seemingly more reasonable rep is just a stall tactic to buy time. Behind the scenes I think the Tron team is simply acquiring more Steem and scrambling to learn how to code a hardfork.

The hard fork is already coded or very close to done. Before this all started weeks ago, we were told the hard fork was almost done.

Is that surmised to be just the power down times cut for certain accounts? Is it believed Sun is trying to seize control only to give himself a risk free instant withdraw? If so, I wouldn’t care as we’d finally regain control and just let him sell for profit on the exchanges. I’m more worried about forks that would lock Tron witnesses in for life... I wouldn’t put it past them.

And that was the last we ever heard from ole David...

Wonder who they send next.

Wonder who they send next.

@triple-aaa, you're up!

Justin is very adamant about listening to advices

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!giphy so interesting

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Hmmm interesting, well if they're starting to come around and see our point of view then there shouldn't be so much bad blood. I feel like something else is brewing having this drag along as long as it has

I hope he listens to the advice and embrace peace to rain 💓🙏💓🙏

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Justin and his team are just distracting everyone until the take over.

He already has.

Yep. The side with a fatter purse wins in a war of attrition.

Hmm, this clip is totally out of context, I actually listened to the whole thing, and what I hear is a man trying to calm down a very tense talk by giving some concessions.


It isn't out of context, it's very clear what he said and meant. Can listen to the original (which I have linked) that has the rest. He clearly said and meant he agreed with it.

Okay, well I guess we just see two different things then.


Anyway, it doesn't matter whether he agrees or not, it was still the wrong thing to do. It amounted to little more than theft and attempted extortion.