Mad Max Digital World

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We are entering a Mad Max digital world and I breakdown how I see events unfolding.

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Alright Dan 👋

I'm not sure how Mad Max we're truly going to get IRL with this CV thing, but digitally, yeah... I can see what you're saying. Also what you're saying about government control and web 2.0 funneling info/data to keep old paradigms of control going... that has been going on right under peoples noses for far too long.

Shit, governments all over the world are already using this global health crisis to drive censorship agendas and perform social conditioning. For me, the important thing at this time (apart from looking after my own health and that of my loved ones) is to keep eyes wide open, not be drawn into a culture of fear I see being driven home through advertising etc and be ready to live fully, and as you say, fight for freedom after the health crisis is over. Because these will be the first message that we'll all be hit with once this is over by governments across the world.

What if it happens again?
We have to be vigilant.
You have to give up some of your freedoms for safety.

Fucking life is too short for that type of thinking. Fear always has been, and will increasingly be used to divide and conquer. But public blockchain is that paradigm shift! Not just over censorship issues, but also what our society values (this is why I'm so driven to keep the curation to content wide, varied and quality here on hive) and the wealth stolen from us in the form of our data.

And it is a paradigm shift... as you put it "we do it in a non-violent way, we turn the other cheek from web 2.0"

Is fckn right! I love that.

For each and every person to be able to fight back against these controls of data mining, censorship, or just being able to flip the value of what you create from companies using you as a commodity, to you being a commodity they need to court. To be able to resist (and win) without violence, and distribute value without centralized government, that's paradigms on top of paradigms toppling right there.

Lol, I can tell you've been watching Vikings btw. I binge watched those series ages ago and it is one of the best historical drama series out there.

mad max title and Vikings picture... I would have expected a crow title or something :-)

I'm on episode 20, season 4 of Vikings. Such a good show dunno why it took me so long to watch it. It reminds me of what our digital age is about to become, conquer or be conquered.

haahahahah CONQUER!!!

Ah yes, Vikings is so good! The first show I'm starting to watch for the second time :D

I wonder if there will ever be another 'Hive' thing?! 🤔

A huge hug from @amico! 🤗

A huge hug and 100% Upvote and ReHive from the good people at @offgridlife Hive Curation.

Thank you for mentioning control! It's super important part.

As the wage slave and debt control grip tighten with fiat and large corporations use this time to consolidate power we will see why blockchain was needed and all of us who seemed crazy for being in this space well before the time will seem like they had divine foresight. I've tried to help others get in and explain the value but most people can only see what's in front of them and not much further. Unfortunately, they have to take personal responsibility for their decisions and actions.

I think so too, it needs a lot of Time people will understand why Web 3.0 is important.

Stuff like Elections ( opinions) can be easy manipulated in Web 2.0 and nobody can control the companies behind ( with ads).

The next big problem is who decides what to delete and what not. Should this power really have a private company?

I am also very positive about long term. I would like the user experience on hive to be similar, if not better, to Facebook and co.

Because there is a need for hive.

look for hungary, ukraina .... ( endless list)

Bro, I live in the desert and am so scared of a mad max future, not the remake either. Lololololol. And I done sold my 69 beetle that was Baja desert ready. Booooo hooooo... definitely a change coming to everything as we know it.

Hello i am new in Hive ! i was @ignacioarreses in steem, but i decided not to use steem anymore after the fraud of Justin Sun.

Hello Hive Comunity ! ex steemians !

ITS A DATA WORLD. Doctors just want to know the data, how you feel; when did it start? then hand you a piece of paper...Blockchain is scary but you just have to wear your big pants. its like a V for Vendetta.. You're right too... we ant got fighters. CONTROL is all they want and DATA.