⚡🌵⚡ Album Release - Track 02 - The Beauty Of Solitude (Live At Mouse Mountain)

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I wrote this song the day after watching "Searching For Sugar Man" a film about a songwriter who failed to gain a following in his home country (the USA) but unbeknownst to him, inspired an entire generation in South Africa.

One of my take-aways from the film, is that it is easy to forget to make time to sit and reflect. To enjoy what you have, and not to worry about what you don't have.

It's a powerful and moving film that I would encourage any artist or songwriter to watch.


This emblem I’ve been wearing has got people staring
I hope they can’t see through my charade
Because it’s a pretty price I pay for living different lives both night and day
I aint sure it’s gonna work out right

And these thoughts I’ve been collecting just haven’t been connecting
I get on and off and off and on the line
And I’ve been listening to the prophet but I’m sure I still don’t got it
I’ve got the answers but I just can’t find the time

So take these lyrics I’ve been scratching into eggs that won’t be hatching
And slam them in the faces of the youth
With all their instant gratification and their shameless masturbation
They’ll never understand the beauty of solitude

And all I really want is some silence from all the anger hate and violence
But I’m as much to blame as everyone else
And for all I’ve come to see and understand what burdens me
I’ve done nothing but simply get this off my chest

Will I fight, will I fight for you?
Will I fight, will I fight for you?
Will I fight, will I fight for you?
Will I fight or will I find something new.

This emblem I’ve been wearing has got people staring.
I hope they can’t see through my charade.


Recorded live at Mouse Mountain Studios
Written and performed by Trevor Petrie
©️ All Rights Reserved


If you enjoyed this track, I'd love to hear your thoughts. It really makes a difference to know that someone has connected to one my songs.

Thanks for listening!

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Solid song and performance.Like the presentation too using 3speak.