Binance Backs Down on STEEM/TRON Conflict. Evidence in This Video That TRON KNEW The Tokens Would Be Frozen BEFORE Buying STEEMIT.

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2nd Update: I was informed on Twitter that Eli's quote referred to a point in time after TRON had bought Steemit's stake, not before. The language from Eli was not specific enough to be 100% clear of the point in time she was referencing, but in my mind it seemed to be referring to a pre-sale moment. Please check out the thread and do your own thinking and research on this!

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Since making this video, CZ from Binance has looked at the evidence provided by the STEEM community and sided with STEEM, accepting that the STEEM witness' activity was/is valid. Binance have said they will start a normal power down process to release their customers' funds that have been locked up during their dubious power up and voting actions.

Show Notes

In this video I briefly describe the ongoing conflict between the STEEM blockchain community and Justin Sun of the TRON blockchain. More importantly, I share a few minutes of audio from Eli Powell taken from a recent STEEM town hall meeting, in which she describes how she warned TRON and Justin Sun prior to them buying Steemit Inc. that the community would likely freeze the Steemit accounts once it was disclosed that TRON owned them and intended to use the tokens for their own purposes. This reveals the extent of the deception involved where TRON tried to claim that the tokens being frozen was the act of 'hackers'.

There's so much to say on this, but so much has already been said by myself and many other witnesses already.

Wishing you well,


My profile on STEEM:

Full version of the STEEM town hall meeting (5th March):

One of the later threads from CZ on Binance on Twitter:

First conversation between STEEM witnesses and TRON's Business Development Manager (held on Zoom):
~~~ embed:Ymms5Eayog youtube ~~~

Background posts on the situation:

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your investigative work is excellent @ura-soul. great to see! so if they knew before hand, what exactly were they trying to buy time for is the question? there is something on that exchange that they need off quickly. not quite managed to figure out what yet, maybe steem they needed to trade out to pay ned? maybe someone else? I also think that it may have occurred that putting in the HF (if run by Tron) for short power downs would have made it easy power down the steemit inc stake, send it to exchanges and hide it effectively by sending it back out to multiple smaller accounts.

Thanks - my brain sponge comes in useful sometimes ;)
They may possibly need to withdraw STEEM quickly for some reason. The most obvious one is as you say, that they want to sell Steemit inc's tokens for their own reasons. They may also need to save face with the exchanges and the world by ending and burying the fake 'hack' they raised an alarm about ("let's just move forward and not talk about the past" - aka deny reality).

Those two are enough imo.

i will say again , unity is pillar in steemit community, our steemit community will be success , steemit is our soul our life, we will be successfull, steemit real community will be successful, thank for sharing dear latest update, i love you steemians and steemit

Really enjoy your level headed summary brother.

I feel a bit like calling @dannyshine to let him know what's going on as I am sure he would enjoy this particular saga!

I am half following it and its interesting although I dont follow it entirely

Hi Danny! Great to see you here. How's the political career going?

The general 'revolution' these days seems to be in getting everyone off steemit and onto steempeak. Only in this way will Justin Sun realise he does not own a crypto community. Personally I find it fascinating and I am very interested to see what becomes of this...

never was a serious attempt at political career. Maybe I can offer myself to the government to be the chief reproduction skeptic

Yes, please: call @dannyshine! 🙏🤗

Sometimes it is heartening to think that people listen to reason..

Thanks for capturing and isolating that. Eli has obviously been in a really tight spot but it was clear she knew this stake was definitely not just a cash item on Steemit's balance sheet.

It did seem hard to imagine that Justin wouldn't of known about this. I thought he seemed too friendly with Ned, if he was kept in the dark, he would of been very angry with him. Makes their announcement that they were going to make Steem a Tron token seem even more crazy. How was that buying time? There's almost too much stupidity to comprehend with this deal.

Please be sure to check the link that points to my most recent post which sheds a different light on Eli's words in the video. Thanks.

Resteemed it

Thank you for sharing the information.

Please be sure to check the link that points to my most recent post which sheds a different light on Eli's words in the video. Thanks.

Thank you so much!
Things are moving quite fast!
Looking at open letter of theycallmedan.
It’s false hope! How can one reduce the normally huge ego and ambitious greed!

Wait and see!

This is a complicated situation - many options exist - the future is not fixed!

Thx for pointing this out, very important piece of information.

I can't believe what scumbags Justin and Ned are.. This smells fishy, can't just be a missunderstanding.

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Thanks for your point of view.

Um. You are welcome to provide evidence to substantiate your claims here. I literally have no idea why you have concluded these thoughts.

You say so many dishonest things here it is shocking!


He owns that Stake and you are supporting the criminals who froze his accounts! That is a criminal act

Which law was broken?

That is a criminal act

I think you are confused here.

Just watch how the price will fall over the following months if this we allow the old centralized chain of command to have their way.

So you think that having only one witness controlling everything is somehow LESS centralised than 20 witnesses who may or may not be involved in a secret centralisation agenda? What is the evidence of a secret centralisation agenda?

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