Fascinating insects Special : Similar to Mantoid of Splinterlands.


Similar to Mantoid of Splinterlands..
f/2.4, 1/50, ISO-181, 2mm

I've found this amazing crypto card gaming community recently after exploring the hive world and then when I explored the splinterlands website for some time, I've found a marketplace with full of nft gaming cards. There are a lot of cards and when I was exploring all the cards, I've found out a card that's name is Mantoid and that reminded me that I have an insect photo that looks similar to that gaming card Mantoid.


This is the card I was talking about.
Source link of the card

Lore: A Mantoid is a skinny insect, resembling a praying mantis, about the size of a Goblin’s head. As it approaches its prey, the Mantoid may tilt its head inquisitively from side to side and rub its front legs together. The head tilting is actually an esophageal stretch as the Mantoid prepares to eat something wider than its throat. What looks like leg rubbing is actually the systematic sharpening of a thousand tiny razors, preparing them to cut through flesh like butter.

I have another photo of this insect.

Shot 02.


I hope and pray that the contest judges will like my post and captures.

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