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First i would like to introduce myself! I’m Jeremy and I live in North Carolina, USA. I joined hive about a year ago but never posted much, or anything if i remember correctly! This was due to my house flooding and needing to dedicate all of my time to rebuilding it (I am almost finished and will be sharing that in a post in my blog soon). Luckily i have all the skills to do all the work myself because i am self employed and remodel homes for a living. So i go to work during the day to pay the bills and come home and work some more! It’s been very exhausting but the finish line is very close. When life gives you lemons, build a lemonade stand! 😝

Well enough about me, here is the picture i came to share today. I was moving a pile of debris in my yard and out crawled this momma wolf spider carrying her babies on her back! I had to chase her around the yard for a bit to get a good close up and this is what i settled on keeping…

Thanks for reading! Have an excellent day!


Welcome, Jeremy. This is a good introductory post. It would have been better if you had shared this post on @ocd. But no matter, I was very impressed by your sincere and real information about yourself and your sincerity. ☺️

Thanks for the tip! I will post there also soon, i have more to share :)

Welcome Jeremy! That's a really amazing photo 👍

Yay! 🤗
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Great photo! I have never seen a spider do that!

Thank you! Me either!

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Sure thing, done! Can i support more than one? Still learning my way around here… thanks!

Thank you for your support @jte1023, really appreciate it! 👍
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