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I work in a business that does Data analysis and Data Management, it is quite a complex business that relies on multiple flat file SQL databases that need to become relational, not the simplest way of doing things, but it works provided we ensure each database is opened in the code before a query can be implemented.

W also need to take into account all the factors of each database, eg; table naming protocols, structures etc, it has taken quite a lot of work to ensure no table naming conflicts and that certain data can even be pulled into a cross data query to ensure we get the results we need.

Everything needs to accurate otherwise; one spanner in one cog will ultimately have consequences further down the track, if not immediately.

The immediate ones are ok because they can be addresses straight away before any real implication happens, its the ones down the track where we have an unforeseen factor come into play that skews the data into a loop that we have to reign in.

Eg; just yesterday someone undertook a bulk update across our system that implies a certain action will occur in 7 days from now, however they made an assumption and it turns out that there is one crucial factor they did not take into account.

We have a number of clients and some of those clients have dynamic branding that has to be hard coded into various templates before these 7 days from now action, occurs. And when I say Dynamic I mean Individually Dynamic. This hard coding needs to be undertaken one by one by a team of two people. They now have 6 days (as he bulk update was performed yesterday) to sift through the client base and make these individual changes to their templates.

So the Person that Bulk Updated is now communicating with our Marketing team and realising they instigated the process somewhat prematurely. Which is odd because this person is usually on top of crossing their T’s and dotting their I’s

That being said, Our team is a good team and we can always add that factor to the things we implement, and will undoubtedly work through some long hours to get done what needs to be done.
Because we have such a complex data system, whenever we make a change to something we also need to be aware that any change we make is a factor in what might occur after and that what may seem like an insignificant change overall can sometimes be a major factor in an error occurring down the track. And sometimes down the track is 6 month to 12 months later.

Which brings me to something I hark on about a bit and that is note taking, making sure that notes are kept on any change , be it major or minor, because those notes will also become a major factor in resolving an issue that happen 12mth from now.

And sometimes the Daily word prompt is a struggle, but the fact I have had 64 years on this planet, I am sure is a factor into why I can write about anything , lol


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 6 months ago  

I should send you a list of words as a contribution... but one factor to consider is that I enjoy seeing what you come up with each day! LOL!

It is good because it surprises me , some are easy to respond to and some just are not, but it does push me :)