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Well, it seems it's over for Mbappe and Real Madrid. Discussions between Real and PSG apparently stopped tonight. Something could still happen before tomorrow midnight deadline for the transfer window, but that is now very unlikely. I am sure PSG will work very hard to extend his contract, so he doesn't leave for free at the end of the season.

Would have really loved to see the move happen. Keeping fingers crossed perhaps we see some surprises on the deadline day. PSG for sure wouldn't be letting such a player leave for free. There will be an extension if he doesn't leave this summer.

By the way, I just read that if the probability now seems very low for Mbappe to move to Real Madrid, another young French Ligue 1 player could make that move: Eduardo Camavinga from Rennes. Not the same level of course, and he's younger (just 18 years old) with possibly a good potential. The amount would be around 30 Million euros. Of course, confirmation soon if it actually happens.

Yeah the Camavinga move pulled through. Nice one seeing the Spanish side get a good player at the end of the day from the Summer transfer. Hope the young player meet up expectations set at the club. Love the fact he could develop much better considering his age. Not sure what to say on the signing amount. Guess he will justify the price tag in few years to come

Final transfer amount ended up being closer to 45 millions I believe. Big amount for such a young player, but we'll see.
When he started for Rennes professional team (he was in their youth teams before), he wasn't even 17! And what a start it was! He played some really good matches. But last season wasn't all that great for him. It will be interesting to see how he performs in a much bigger club like Real Madrid.

That's quite an amount of money for a teenager. I hope he justifies that amount with his performance at the club. At real Madrid he has the opportunity to showcase his skills and talent to the world. I hope manager Carlo Ancelotti gives him enough playing time

Yeah, that's the main question, will he get some playing time, or just hang out on the bench, hoping to finally get in? I guess we'll have to wait for the end of the international break before we start getting some hints about that.

Any surprise is possible, but it's now less than 20 hours left for transfers, that deadline cannot be changed.
PSG will try everything for sure, but they can't force him to sign a contract. If he decides to not renew, there's nothing they can do about it, except maybe taking him out of the group. I don't think that would be a smart move for a young player like that to go to battle with his club, but that wouldn't be the first time.

Move didn't go through. The Paris Saint-Germain club must have really put a tempting offer to keep him to stay at the club. Not sure he has signed a contract extension though but it seems likely after the club didn't go for last tempting offer from real Madrid.

Still no extension. I am not sure what Mbappe, or probably his agent, are trying to pull. By the way, he got injured today playing for France, some pain in his calf. Apparently not too bad, but after some tests tomorrow, we'll know more.

Yeah still not sure if he will be commiting his future to the French club. Read somewhere he might still be signing something like a pre contract for the Spanish club in January. Looking forward to see how it all plays out as concerning his future. Hope the injury isn't that serious as calf injuries are terrible. Hope it is just something minimal. Will be Waiting on the statement from the test too.

For sure, if there's still no extension signed by then, PSG will probably change their mind during the winter mercato. They can't afford to let him go for free at the end of the season, they invested too much.

I forgot to say that according to most sources, the MRI didn't show anything really serious for his calf. But just in case, he left the French team group, and will not play in the other two games this week against Ukraine and Finland.

I have asked this before, but since we seem to have many new participants, here it goes again: What are your favorite sports?

Mine are Ice Hockey, Soccer and American Football, in no particular order

I try and follow a lot of various sports, but I think my favorites to watch are basketball, soccer, rugby and handball.
To play, for sure, basketball and soccer.

Oh, handball! Interesting

I never really followed it but I used to play it in high school. I was a goalkeeper

Wow, that's a tough position to play at handball, easy to get hit in the face!
Handball became somewhat popular in France (where I grew up) during the 92 Olympics in Barcelona. That was when a great generation of players started playing for the French National Team. Since then, France was always part of the best teams in the world. They won both gold medals (men and women) this year at Tokyo Olympics. Anyways, I just think it's a very cool sport to watch.

Thanks for yesterdays participation guys , 200 SPORTS and 0.067 HIVE has been sent to each of you

Those who participated but didn't post 3 comments

Thanks for the reward

Thanks for the rewards as usual. Plenty of football action this week end, which means plenty of participation!

And we had another day of lot of interaction. Great see the numbers that made it to the list. Congratulations everyone. Many thanks for the token.

i wish you could have time to organise a contest on football it would be very interesting, if you don't have time to organise it, i can create a contest which you will reward people with an upvote or sports token, it would be fun

Keep up the good work boss

Thank you very much!

Did you notice how the goal scoring seems to be changing in Serie A? I remember discussing this a few weeks ago in this thread with somebody.
I always liked the Serie A for its very high tactical and technical abilities, but it used to be low scoring. Not necessarily a turn-off, I think a good 0-0 can be better than a crappy 6-0. But just like anybody else, I like to see goals sometimes.
Well, it appears that it might be changing. Last week end, there were 36 goals over the ten matches. This week end, 30 goals were scored, that's 3 goals per match. And it does include two 0-0 draws out of the 10 matches.
I do like this goal scoring trend, I hope this continues, provided obviously that the other Italian football qualities stay the same.

Exactly bro, I noticed it too though I wasn't surprised but it's unusual .. and on the other hand EPL had 5 draws out of 10 matches

That was crazy and this weekend Man United survived through that game with wolves

True, many draws but goals in all matches this week end. But I can't really comment, unlike most people here, I don't watch too much EPL. I follow the results but it was never a league that I really liked.

I agree with you 100%

Sometimes a 0-0 can be very exciting when you have both teams attacking and defending very well but in the end of the day, we want to see that net moving!

Yep, and if teams in Serie A can now combine this typical Italian football with more goals, it will be even more interesting!

Thanks for the rewards.

England National League

Weymouth vs Maidenhead United

Away to win

I think the game can end in a draw.

Cool prediction... over 2.5 goals away win

England National League

Barnet vs Dagenham & Redbridge

Away to win

For me the winner will be Barnet in this match.

Barnet is good at scoring goals, that's what I have noticed.

England National League

King's Lynn Town vs Chesterfield

Over 2.5 goals

A big thanks for the rewards, I really appreciate. Remain blessed

It was a fantastic weekend seeing Manchester United snatch a 3 points at wolves home made me happy

Hey guys what can we say about Cr7 returns to Man United on this Link;

I believe it really awesome with Cristiano Ronaldo returning back to his old time club after several years of been away. I believe he will great be bows out playing for the club that shot him up to stardom and gave him all the recognition. Really great career the Portuguese has had looking at the clubs he has played for and the awards he has won. Can't wait to see him line up with this new United team. With him in the club, the red devils club will be one to fear greatly has they possess a big threat

Thanks for the giveaway boss mate you are doing well


Akropolis IF?-?IFK Vaernamo


Cool prediction mate... over 2.5goals is certain too




I think the game could end in a tie at 0




I think Fluminense will take this one but I haven't been following either team so I don't really know

I bet on Fluminense for this match.

Good prediction... under 3.5goals is certain and home to win either half