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Italy Serie A

Bologna vs Verona

Under 2.5 goals

Bologna win 2:1

In this match I bet on a draw.

Nice prediction

Bologna didn't have the ball possession, but they scored the only goal around the 80th minute by Mattias Svanberg. With two wins and one draw, Bologna is starting their season pretty well

Thanks for yesterdays participation guys , 200 SPORTS and 0.1 HIVE has been sent to each of you

Those who participated but didn't post 3 comments

Thanks for the rewards as always. It's been a great week end of sports. Let's see what happens this week!

Keep up the good work

Thanks for the token I always appreciate all what you're doing

Congratulations to the winners
I'll couldn't make it this time.
Today is another day

Thanks for the mention and tips.

English Premier League

Everton vs Burnley


Everton win, 2:0

I think victory will be for Everton.

Everton wins 3-0 that's my bet.

I don't really know either team so I'll just follow the trend on Everton

No Everton to win

Nice prediction from you friend but If it me I will rather given Everton home Winning
Though it is football any thing can happen

Burnley scored first, but Everton struck back with three goals in seven minutes! Final score, 3-1 for Everton. Also a good start for Everton with 3 wins and one draw.

Everton all the way.
That's the best low level club I know in EPL.
Of course they won.

Turkey 1st lig

Balikesirspor vs Tuzlaspor


I think Balikesirspor will win

Over 2.5 goals

Draw might be the result

What a great prediction here friend which I agree with you on this good luck

Great first NFL Sunday yesterday!
My Saints completely wrecked the Green Bay Packers with a great performance of QB Jameis Winston. He is taking over after football legend Drew Brees retired last season.

Does anyone follow Formula 1?

I was a big fan in the past but haven't watched a single race in years

I was never a big fan, but I used to watch a little when I was much younger. I also lost interest for it, and now it's really only when it happens to be in some general sport tv show, but for sure not an entire race.

Any news?
Any giveaway?

Russia --> Premier League
Rubin Kazan - Ural


It's been a while since I payed attention to any Russian game.
Let's see how today will go

France --> Ligue 2
Le Havre - Toulouse


Even with Le Havre getting a red card 30 minutes before the end, Toulouse wasn't able to win this one. It's a 1-1 draw. Toulouse still first in Ligue 2 though, with 5 wins and 2 draws.

Okay bro.
How was the game?
Did it favour your option?

Romania --> Liga I
Farul Constanta - Academica Clinceni


Benzema seems to be in really great form. With his hat trick this weekend, Real Madrid won 5-2 against Celta Vigo. That's 5 goals in 4 games for Benzema. The young new recruit Camavinga also scored, just a few minutes after getting in the game for the first time with his new team. I don't like Real Madrid so much, but as often they seem to be playing well.

Did you notice the very good start Erling Haaland is having with Borussia Dortmund? Five goals and 4 assists in just 4 games, that's really good. Of course, Lewandowski (who seems to be recovered already from his light injury this week end) still leads the goal scoring leaderboard with 6 goals already. That could be an interesting duel this season in Germany.

And finally, in Italy, Lazio which had 2 wins so far, could not do anything against AC Milan and Zlatan Ibrahimovic. They lost 2-0 in Milan. So now, only 3 teams with 3 wins at the top of the rankings: AS Roma, AC Milan, and Napoli. How long can they keep their winning streak?

Barcelona has been disgraced today.
UEFA champions league is back and hot

Bayern Munich was way better than Barcelona. Sergi Roberto for instance had a really bad game, and was booed by the audience when he went out. The fans even turned away from the game at the end. Of course, Lewandowski picked up another couple of goals. He's getting better and better... Bayern's first goal was lucky though. That shot from Muller was not dangerous, but with that terrible deflection, that's goal...

Yeah. Bayern is always better than Barcelona. With the departure of Messi, the club became less influential like it used to be. I pity their positions this season

Manchester United just decided to lose to youngeboys.
Very disgraceful.
I can't imagine playing youngeboys to win any half

For their defense, United played one man down almost one hour, after Wan-Bissaka's red card. And Young Boys Bern actually played pretty good, they were constantly attacking and putting pressure, until they scored. Then that huge mistake during stoppage time gave them the second goal.

Yeah, I noticed that. They really did well in the game.
That's football for you. Anything can happen.
How about Liverpool UCL game tonight?

Easy 0-3 for Juventus in Malmö for their first match in the Champion's League. As usual, plenty of misses from Morata, but he eventually got one goal, with a very lucky shot from the shin. I hope this win kind of gets Juventus in the right direction, because their Serie A start is terrible.

I'm a little worried that with the end of the Engagement project, the activity in this thread will reduce a lot. Maybe I'm wrong, we will see in the next few days, as there's still a lot of football to comment on starting with the rest of the Champions League matches.

Anybody watched the Chelsea match today? I watched Juventus and Manchester United, can't watch them all!
But I read it wasn't a really good match. If it wasn't for Lukaku scoring that goal, nothing else really interesting.

Everton vs Burnley
It's a 1-1 draw

Is that your final answer?
!giphy laughing