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As the African world cup qualifiers games are up and on, which teams do you expect to make the representatives for Africa?

Thanks for the rewards. I'm so greatful

Thank you so much

Keep up the good work

Thanks for the token I really appreciate boss

Thanks for the rewards once again! Still lots of international football matches going on. Luckily it is done soon, and we can get the leagues back on.

Thanks for the reward.
Happy new day to all sports lovers here on hive.
Let's do it once again

Lots of participation we seem to have had yesterday. Great to see people regularly joining us on in here. Congratulations to all those who made the list. Many thanks for the tokens. Much appreciated

World Cup Qualification Africa

Liberia vs Central African Republic

Home to win

Any burning ticket.
Bad prediction.
Sorry if you placed bet on any of the burning games.
!giphy fire

Liberia can surprise us on this one

I bet on a victory for Liberia.

Awesome prediction. Home side ensured to pick up maximum points has they edged out the away side in a 1,-0 narrow win. Great one from them.

World Cup Qualification Africa

South Africa vs Ghana

Draw Half time and under 2.5 goals

Your game just cought 🔥 and it's burning heavily.
Under 1.5 really played.
!giphy lol

I think the winner of the match will be South Africa

Great one. And they actually did win has they played a 1-0 win.

This match will be a tough one but I think Ghana will win by 1:2

Unfortunately the black cats met a superior side on the evening has they couldn't register atleast a goal. The South Africa club emerged winners on this one

I think this game will end in a draw.

Nicely predicted

Awesome prediction. This was expected to be a really interesting one has both sides are really exciting sides to watch. As predicted there wasn't a good scoring spree. 1-0 the game ended in favor of the South Africa side.

What was this circus in Brazil for the Brazil-Argentina big game yesterday? I understand CONMEBOL has different sanitary rules, but why not pull out these players before? They waited for the match to start, then stopped it temporarily after 5 minutes, and finally completely stopped it. How does it make sense?

World cup qualification-CAF
Ivory coast VS Cameroon
GG or Both teams to score.

Great prediction as it played in as predicted. The home side did well in ensuring they got a vital win. Two to one was the scoreline. Quite a close one but I believe the better team won

Great prediction. And the gsme played out has predicted. Couldn't watch this match but great seeing the Cote D'Ivoire nation emerging winners on this has 2-1 was enough to see them against Cameron in the Stade Olympique Alassane Ouattara.

I didn't really know anything about Sebastien Haller from Ajax Amsterdam. But that's a nice couple of goals, including that first penalty. Apparently, he played for the France International youth team, before deciding to represent Ivory Coast.

You seem to know quite a lot with this. Never heard of him before or knew that he once represented France side earlier. Guess he made the right decision

oh not really, but when I saw the score sheet, that name sounded oddly familiar, so I checked, and it turns out it's probably because he started his career in France at Auxerre about 10 years ago when they were in Ligue 2. And looking at the details, that's when I saw he actually played for France U19 team.
I agree, most probably the right move to go with Ivory Coast. Too much competition in offense in the French national team.

Ivory coast all the way.
Two fresh goals from Haller.
I do see Cameron coming back from this

Yeah, they're just one point behind Ivory Coast, and only two matches played. I'm guessing two teams get qualified, so that should be good for Cameroon.

Nice! Happy to see a lady-football fan. In my other ticket, I predicted Ivory coast win/draw.

Your luck just shined.

With their 0-0 draw in Switzerland yesterday, Italy continues their unbeaten streak, and breaks Spain record. They now haven't lost for 36 matches in a row. They're also comfortably leading their group for the world cup qualifications. Switzerland is behind but played less matches, so they could come back.

World Cup Qualification Africa

Djibouti vs Niger

Away to win

Awesome prediction. and it was an exciting encounter at the Prince Moulay Abdellah Stadium has the away side Niger came out victorious as they won 2-4. Six goals thriller it was

It's gonna be a big take away by Niger, I give them 0:2

I honestly have no idea of the result. Maybe a tie?

HMMMMMMM! Am not really sure but let's just watch and see

What's a nice prediction which the match have ended four goals to two in favor of away team

This one is a child's play.
Goals flying in from left, right, back and center.
Harvest of goals.
Niger won by the way

Good morning @amr008.sports
Thanks for the tips, it came at the right time.

Many thanks for the rewards I really appreciate,


Rionegro Aguilas - Deportivo Pereira



Oesters IF - Vaesteraas SK

Over 2.5

This is a great one from you friend which I love the prediction very well good jib done and keep it up


GIF Sundsvall - Orgryte


International Youth-U21 Euro qualification
Czech Republic VS Albania
This is a straight win for Czech Republic with over 1.5 goals.

I see.
Good luck with your prediction.

Huesca vs Real Oviedo
Home win & over1.5 goals

Huesca is just full of disappointment.
They can't even win any half in their home game.
Very bad.
Ov 1.5 is still manageable but away to score is my prediction

They really disappointed us and other fans. Too bad for them.