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The regular season of the NFL is about to start! Is anyone else excited? I know I am!

NFL is cool and interesting but I hardly watch it.. I will research about it and start

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The boss!!! you have been doing a great job all this while which I'm always cherish you am I'm always appreciate you for the token you are giving me
good job done boss

As always, thanks a bunch for the tokens. Still plenty of qualifications matches for the football world cup today. Let's see where it goes.

thanks as always for always sharing your hard earnings.

So grateful boss. Thanks for always keeping to your words. Though i've not be regular but with the little experience i've had with you. You are doing well boss.

Thanks for the tokens

Thank you very much.

Many thanks for the token. Much appreciated

Good morning fam...

Today Nigeria will be facing Cape Verde in the CAF qualification group C (2nd round)

Can Nigeria secure another win?

I really don't know anything about Cape Verde, and very little about Nigeria... But it seems it's 1-1 at half time

Thank God victory is ours at last... Nigeria won

That second own goal was so strange! If it was in the other net, it would have been the perfect lob, but here I'm really not sure what the defender was trying to do...
Apparently Nigeria was overall a bit lucky on that game but that's a very good start with two wins.

Expected the Nigerian team to Nigerian team to emerge victorious, glad they did despite goal down first in the game. A victor Oshimen goal and an own goal from Kenny Santos ensured they picked up the maximum point at the away ground at Stadium Aderito Sena. 1-2 the game ended at full time. Great to see Ahmed Musa was also able to make his 100th cap for the country

World Cup Qualification

Denmark vs Israel

Home to win

Wow, Denmark already up 3-0 at half time! They were kind of the underdog during the Euro, but like I was saying a few days ago, now we know they are a good team.

Final score 5-0 and another easy win for Denmark. They continue walking all over Group F with 6 wins in 6 matches! Granted, no other very strong teams in this group, but still an impressive performance so far

You're very right which I believe the game properly over two goals hope to see much more goals in that match

The match will play over 2.5 goals...

I think the match will be won by Denmark

It was an astonishing performance from the Danish boys at Parken has they ran riot by dispatching the Israeli in five goal thriller. 5-0 it ended. Great to see them also play a clean sheet. The Danes seem to be pretty fired up

World Cup Qualification

Bosnia and Herzegovina vs Kazakhstan

Home to win

I bet on Bosnia and Herzegovina to win this match.

I'll admit I don't know either of the teams, so I'll just take everyone's word for it

Maybe it could end in a draw even though the local team is the favorite.

Good guess! It finished at 2-2 after Kazakhstan tied the match very late, 5 minutes into stoppage time! These two teams are still last in their group with only 3 points (Bosnia and Herzegovina has played one less match though)

Unfortunately the home side couldn't see out a maximum point has the away put up a great fight to ensure both team ended up sharing the spoils. It was also quite an interesting match has both side had to come from a goal down at a point to level up. 2-2 the game ended at the Bilino Polje Stadium.

World Cup Qualification

Azerbaijan vs Portugal

CR7 to score

Away to win

Isn't CR7 suspended for this match? I thought he got a yellow card for removing his jersey while celebrating his second goal against the Republic of Ireland. And as he already got a yellow card in a previous match, it's an automatic one match suspension.

Really? So he is not gonna play, @mrenglish maybe you should choose another player to score...

No, he won't play, he has already flown to UK to quarantine so he can be available for Manchester United home game against Newcastle

Bad news to the team. CR7 can really unbalance things when he's on the field

Yeah, last Portugal game is proof of that, with Ronaldo scoring the two winning goals at the very end and in stoppage time.

Hahahahahh CR7 to score? You are so confident in your prediction...

Unfortunately CR7 won't be available for the match as he was suspended for removing his shirt when he scored the winning goal last match

Yeah that's right and he will not be in the game considering his preparation for his second debut at Old trafford.

Portugal should be the winner of this match.

Even without Christiano Ronaldo, do you think they will win?

It is 'only' Azerbaijan and Portugal is already leading 0-2 at half time. One goal from Bernardo Silva and one from André Silva

Fantastic I love this prediction which I know Cristiano Ronaldo will open the net and score for Portugal
Much more believe on this thanks

Like said above, Cristiano Ronaldo is not playing, he's suspended and already back in Manchester

He might not be in the match

Final score was 0-3 with a third goal by Jota. Clearly Portugal didn't need Cristiano Ronaldo on this match, so it's good for them he was suspended today. He'll be back for the rest of the qualifiers.

Great prediction with the Portuguese to come out victorious. Unfortunately Cristiano Ronaldo couldn't play due to the suspension from the previous week after removing his jersey in a celebration mood. Nice the boys were able to see out a comfortable win in his absence. 0-3 scoreline the game ended at the Olimpiya Stadionu.

Good morning sports lovers and welcome to yet another day cracker. We hope to keep engaging as the games come by. Thanks @amr008.sports for the tips..

Many thanks for the rewards, I really appreciate it remain blessed

Tunisia is winning and I can't wait for my country to play...

Nigeria all the way..

Yep, Tunisia won 0-2. Wahbi Khazri, who plays for my favorite club Saint-Etienne scored a penalty, just like against equatorial guinea last week. I hope this year he starts scoring a lot again as he used to a few years ago. Saint-Etienne needs him to do so.

What a nice play from him...

Tunisia is really doing well, topping the group B with 6 points

Tunisia is winning and I can't wait for my country to play...

Nigeria all the way..

After five matches without a win, France finally won today against Finland in the world cup qualifiers. A 2-0 win with a double from Griezmann. I didn't see the match, but apparently the duo Griezmann-Benzema worked very well, and caused trouble to the Finnish defense the whole time.
With the tie in the other game in this group (Bosnia and Herzegovina vs Kazakhstan), France is comfortably leading the group with 12 points. I don't support France, but as most people expected, it shouldn't be difficult for them to qualify.

Did you see the results in Group G of the European qualifiers for the world cup? So many goals!
Well, Montenegro tied 0-0 against Latvia. But Netherlands punished Turkey 6-1 with a hat trick from Depay. And Norway easily took care of Gibraltar with a 5-1 win. Here also a player scored three goals: Erling Haaland.
After 6 matches, these same two teams are in the lead in the group with 13 points, but Turkey isn't far behind with 11 points.