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I have talked with the account in charge of Hive Watchers through Discord and @hivewatchers told me to do some of steps If I would like to appeal the blacklist. And I am not a kind of people to argue to the mistakes I did. And this is my apology post to Hive Community.

What I did wrong and why it was wrong

I love writing about Sports mainly Football. It is my favorite writing. And most of my contents here were Football and Coffee Shop. There will be different when you wrote about coffee you had. There must be a place and kinds of coffee you had. It was clear that you can include the images of the place and you can explain about them. But when you are dealing with Football, you must know about the story of the match including the two club and players. That means you must read a lot or watching how the match played. I did but there were two posts I wrote during a week that I read the resources but I wrote what I read. Usually I included the links (resources) what I read. I did it at once and I didn't realize there will someone or anyone played attention for what my mistake.

There must be someone reported me. He/she also understand why I have to be reported to @hivewatchers or @spaminator. It probably the man got anything and not set me up to be blacklisted. It was because of I was proper to be reported. It is all right and I told you that I am not the man to argue about who was the man behind this post. I want to be a good writer of this platform and I follow the steps of @hivewatchers gave for me through Discord.

This is not a punishment and not also an embarrassing one. I do believe that it is a part of learning to be a good and proper content creator any where.

The links to all abusive (plagiarism/translation) posts


My apology to hive community

I ask for apology from every good and proper content creators in this amazing platform for what I did. I know you are very good, honest, smart, and proper content creators here. You are the best of the best although you are not GOD. Please for give me, I did wrong and I will be great content creator because I will learn from you, great content creators.

Thank you very much for the second chance.

I am sorry.