Porro Finally Signs But Mistake with Doherty Transfer Is A Massive Error


It is never a dull week at Tottenham Hotspur as the transfer saga to sign Pedro Porro from Sporting Lisbon finally got completed last night just before the transfer window closed. Reports around the deal hitting a snag on Monday made Spurs supporters in dread of watching no look passes from Emerson Royal for another six months. In Porro we finally have a wing back who has the stats of a top quality player as Paradici is slowly turning Spurs into a team of hungry young players. If you look below Paradici has signed all but two of the below and it looks very very good so far. A couple of Centre halves and a goalkeeper in the summer will leave Tottenham a force to be reckoned with next season.

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Porro has a bit of steal about him. He is confident and not afraid to go forward. His final pass is top quality which is lacking in Doherty and Royal. He also nearly scored a screamer in the cup final at the weekend. A game that delayed the transfer because he wanted to play in it. Rumour has it that Man City selling Cancelo put a spanner in the works for Spurs as Sporting Lisbon moved the goalposts as they reckoned Man City could come calling. If they did then they would get more than the £47 million agreed for the wing back. But luckily agent Levy was despatched late on in the deal and sorted it all out. Levy gets alot of abuse for being a penny pincher but he can get a deal over the line. I would say he was not happy as if the deal was not done for Porro then there would have been war from Spurs fans at the weekend. With the exception of a couple of youth team acquisitions, we have 2 players from the first team coming in, Porro and Danjuma . And we have 3 leave on loan. Gil, Spence and Doherty. But the plot thickens.

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Up until yesterday afternoon Spurs have had 8 players out on loan. See the names below with the exception of Doherty. Athletic Madrid were interested in Emerson Royal but to the disappointment of all Tottenham fans, Emerson is having the time of his life in good old London and refused to leave. Spence was given a loan to Rennes and Spurs needed a RWB out the gap to so they could name their squad for the Champions League. So Doherty was the odd one out and he was asked to leave. Now the only problem which Spurs found out late on Monday night was due to FIFA regulations Spurs could only loan out 8 players. Doherty was the 9th. The player agreed to leave so the only thing that Spurs could do was to terminate his contract and let him go on loan to Athletico on a free transfer. He will be a free agent in the summer as well. So Tottenham are after losing big on Doherty as he cost around 20 million to bring in. Now granted his 75k per week wages until the summer give us back some of this but it really is amateur hour to not know about this FIFA ruling. I think FIFA brought it in for the likes of Chelsea and Man City who had many talented young players out on loan but it came back to bite Spurs at the weekend.

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So there we have it. Tranfer window closed. I hoped for a Centre Half but apparently Conte decided he was happy with what he had and could wait until the summer. So we wait to see how the new players settle in. Danjuma scored on his debut and will put a firework up Sonnys arse hopefully. I reckon this guy will be good. Apparently he was even training with Everton and all but sealed the deal with them and then we turned up and stole him from the Toffees. If these two signings are anything like last January's signings we will be doing well. I reckon Porro may be thrown in the deep end against Man City this weekend. However Conte is sick and has just had Gallbladder surgery so it remains to be seen if he will be jumping around the touchline this weekend. I very much doubt it. Anyway another tough fixture this weekend but we keep going and who knows, we may just qualify for the Champions League. On that note Spurs have AC Milan up next who are out of form currently in Serie A so watch this space. We could go far in the Champions League this year and oh and the FA Cup. 12 premiership teams are out of this cup already so a run here would be nice as well. Things are not as gloomy as you think at Spurs. Hopefully the second half of the season will be better than the 1st.


I know nothing about football except the players aren't allowed to touch the ball with their hands and there's a goalie. I guess there's not much else to it though.

Becca 🙃

You got the main rules there @becca-mac . Il be teaching you the offside rule next..😀

Oh yes, I've heard about that one now I think of it. Someone tried to explain it to me...I was asleep in no time.

Becca 😴

I enjoys it when I see people watching and enjoying football, but I finds it hard to watch it myself.

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Bet money on a team or support one team and your interest will grow.

Serious? Okay

Great update.

It's been a while I watch football, although I play (4 - DMF). I know we are only few in my category 😅😅 we play football but we don't watch. 😅

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Well its good to play it @ksam even if you dont watch. Thanks for stopping by

Never a dull moment with Spurs, and the whole Doherty farce being played out on TalkRadio was laughable, how clubs do not know the rules is beyond me.
Then I heard about Conte and his gall bladder, well hope he recovers soon.
Good luck in all the competitions!
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Yeah and nobody knows when Conte will br back which is a concern. I quite like Simon Jordan on Talksport. I read his book. It's excellent.

Having seen a bit of Udogie this season and last, it is pretty exciting to think that we would possess 2 of the best young attacking wing-backs in world football. Kid looks like a beast!

My only concern is that Conte leaves and we're stuck with players, particularly in those wing-back areas, who don't fit the mould of what a new coach wants to do.

Yeah I was listening to a podcast about that very subject yesterday saying Spurs should be buying the bread and butter which are the core of the team rather than the luxury sauces which are the wingers and wing backs etc. If Poch comes back the two wing backs could do well though. But I suppose that's why Paradici is in there. To make sure the manager plays the players he purchase but it is a massive worry.

Seems like someone f-ed up their research when reading FIFA rules. I did not know about this rule either, then again I don't need to manage players worth millions...
Good report looking forward to the next ones.
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Thanks @solymi . I shall keep you posted.

Thanks for this update. It is always good to track the news about the players. It is something the fans lap up and keep asking for more
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This is a great signing for Spurs. The team has really struggled and badly need the injection of fresh legs into the team. I just hope that the new player will hit the ground running and lift the team spirit - its really low right now and since the season began.

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YEah hopefully the second half will be better although we are still 5th which is not a bad spot when you look at Liverpool and Chelsea.

Spurs are doing just fine and need to just steady the ship for now. Too much is hyped about this transfer window as the real transfers happen in the summer break.

I still don't understand why aren't performing considering the kind of summer they had. I hope Porro doesn't become another Bissouma

never a dull moment for sure. not a huge sports fan, but still a great read!

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Thanks for stopping by @l337m45732 . I see you are Into crypto stuff. I trade futures myself with variable success

Transfers are always a treat to watch all because of the surprises.

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