I should listen to myself more often...


You should know by now that before we dig into the football updates from the weekend, we have to get the basketball out of the way first. Don't get me wrong, I'd love to talk about how awesome the Lions win was this weekend, but there is still a game left to be played tonight, so I will cover those scores tomorrow.

As you can see in the photo above, it's the time of year where my niece is playing high school basketball again. This was one of her first games that we were streaming from the comfort of our home in Michigan. This isn't the first game in their season though.

My niece was playing in a scrimmage and took a knee to the head a couple of weeks ago. This put her in concussion protocol and she wasn't able to play the first one or two games of the season. On Friday she sat on the bench as her teammates came away with a victory.

On Sunday, she was finally able to get some time in on the court.


Sadly, they didn't win their game, but it was still fun to watch her play. They didn't put her out on the court for a very long time. I think part of it is the fact that they want to be careful with her and the other part has to do with them having a new coach. He is still learning the team. They lost a good number of their three point shooters to graduation last year, so this is kind of a rebuilding year for the team.

Once my niece gets back to 100%, I have little doubt things will pick up for them. While she enjoys basketball, I think it is something she does to keep herself in shape for softball season. That's most likely what she will go to university on scholarship for.


On the NCAA side of things, we had some really great games this past weekend. Games that I had a feeling were going to be good and if you had listened to me, you might have made a bit of money betting on them. Unfortunately, I didn't listen to myself and I placed zero bets this weekend.

Of course, knowing me, if I had placed bets, the games likely would have went the other way.

Friday night gave us four games in the top 25 rankings. #19 BYU remains undefeated with a 85 to 56 win over Fresno State. As I predicted, the Kansas vs. UConn game was quite exciting with Kansasa beating UConn 69 to 65.

Probably the biggest game of Friday night though was Northwestern taking down #1 Purdue 92 to 88 in overtime. I'd have to go back and look, but I am pretty sure I said that game could be an upset in the making. If you were lucky enough to put some money down on Northwestern, congrats!

Saturday brought us twelve games in the top 25. Wisconsin took down #3 Marquette in the biggest upset of the day. I think I called that one as well. If I didn't call the Purdue one, I definitely called that one.

The second biggest upset of the day would have to go to Georgia Tech taking down #7 Duke, 72 to 68. It's always a good day when Duke loses.

Finally, we had UNC Willmington take down # 12 Kentucky 80 to 73. Kentucky just always seems to be that hard luck team that everyone wants to win but then they sabotage themselves. Both football and basketball seem to be like that.

Finally, on Sunday we had three games in the top 25. #22 James Madison destroyed Keystone 130 to 59. I know it was a cupcake game, but I wouldn't be shocked to see James Madison in the group of 64 come next year.

Southern University upset #21 Mississippi State 60 to 59, and #15 Creighton slapped down Nebraska 89 to 60.

Some of the best games I watched this weekend weren't even between ranked teams though. That game between Oregon and Michigan went into overtime before the Ducks came away with the 86 to 83 win on a bucket from outside the building. Okay, maybe not really, but he was way behind the line.

Likewise, that Memphis/Ole Miss game was a barn burner. The Rebels beat Memphis 80 to 77 in probably one of the most exciting games I have watched in a while.

As conference play starts up for the Big 10 this week, it should be quite exciting. Michigan State has a big game against Wisconsin tomorrow night I think. I hope they have taken the last week off to work on the things they have been struggling with.

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They televise the high school games? That's pretty cool.

Yes and no. What happened is when COVID hit, a lot of sports were still being played, but capacity was down or spectators weren't allowed at all. A lot of school districts signed up with these services that put cameras in your facilities then charge people a monthly fee to be able to watch the games. That's what we do since she is down in Ohio and we are up in Michigan. High School football playoffs they televise around Thanksgiving every year though.

is the monthly fee reasonable?

It's like $12 but you can stop and start whenever you want, so we just pay for basketball season, then we suspend our account until the next year. They only broadcast certain sports. It's a little pricier than I would like, but it beats driving four hours down and four hours back for every game!

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