NCAA Conference Championship Week and some NFL games


I'm actually pretty luck I was able to get the shot you see above. In the past I have needed to use my phone to take a picture of the TV. That doesn't always turn out so well. This Sunday though, we were watching my niece play basketball on the proper TV, so I had to watch the Lions on my laptop.

Thanks to the magic (and high price) of YouTube TV, that wasn't a problem. What is a problem is the fact that YouTube TV doesn't allow you to take screenshots. After a quick Google search, I learned that if you have hardware acceleration on in your browser, that is part of what they use to enforce the no screenshot thing. If you shut that off, you are golden.

I have a feeling though if the NFL were to ever stumble upon this, they might take some offense and ask me to take it down due to copyright or something. I didn't get express written consent, but how does that really work when you are dealing with an immutable blockchain? Assuming they can even locate me to begin with (probably not that hard actually).


If the basketball this past weekend wasn't enough to keep your interest, there was also a bucket load of football on. Most specifically, the College Football conference championship games and then on Sunday a whole bunch of NFL games.

The university games definitely lived up to the hype. I mentioned that the game on Friday night between #8 Oregon and #2 Washington would probably be a good one. I wasn't wrong. It was pretty freaking fantastic. It was a back and forth battle for the ages. My wife and I were watching some shows on Netflix, but I had the game on in the background and it was so good. Hats off to Washington for the 34 to 31 win and maintaining your perfect season.

The Oklahoma State/Texas game wasn't quite as good. Texas obliterated the Cowboys 49 to 21.

The saddest part of the day on Saturday was the 27 to 24 win by Alabama over Georgia. I really can't stand Alabama, but they played a good game and Georgia just wasn't up to the challenge on this particular occasion. Finally, we have the game that will go down in infamy.

Okay, maybe not, but #5 Florida State did beat #15 Louisville in a tough game 16 to 6. Despite that, come Sunday when the college football playoffs were announced, Florida State got absolutely shafted and Alabama made it to the playoffs. How does an undefeated team in a power 5 conference not make it to the playoffs?


Oh yeah, that trash team from Ann Arbor, MI beat Iowa 26 to 0 as well. I really wish Iowa could have scored at least once, but I guess it just wasn't meant to be. Pity. As if U of M fans weren't annoying enough. Safe to say come bowl season this might be the only time I actually cheer for Alabama.


As for the NFL, the Lions did a pretty good job of almost losing their game on Sunday. After going up something like 21 or 24 to 0, their defense seemed to fall apart. It was kind of crap show of a game after the first quarter and many of us were starting to think to ourselves "same old Lions".

Thankfully, they were able to come away with the win 33 to 28 and this is the first time since 1960 something that the Lions are 9 - 3 on the season. Fingers crossed they can make it 10 - 3 after this weekend. The Bears are going to be looking for payback after that heartbreaking loss a couple of weeks ago.

The Dallas/Seattle game was close on Thursday night with Dallas edging them out 41 to 35. Indianapolis beat Tennessee 31 to 28, and Los Angeles blanked the Patriots 6 to 0. What a horribly boring game that must have been!

Tampa Bay beat Carolina 21 to 18, honestly though, it shouldn't have been that close right? Carolina is the worst team in the league with a 1 - 11 record. Trust me, Lions fans feel your pain!

The biggest news of the weekend would have to be San Francisco throttling Philadelphia 42 to 19, and Green Bay topping the Chiefs 27 to 19.

Finally, in an thrilling overtime game, Cincinnati beat Jacksonville 34 to 31.

Right now Philadelphia still sits at the top of the NFC with a 10 - 2 record. Detroit , Dallas, and San Francisco are tied for second with 9 - 3 records. The NFC South is just god awful.

Over in the AFC, Miami and Baltimore are tied for the top spot at 9 - 3. Jacksonville and Kansas City are close behind at 8 - 4. That should give you a pretty good idea of just how good the NFC is this year (except for the NFC South).

At this point, I actually would give Baltimore or Miami a better shot of making it to the Super Bowl than Kansas City. Sorry Chiefs (and Taylor Swift) fans!

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How does an undefeated team in a power 5 conference not make it to the playoffs?

It just goes to show there's an extreme bias in favor of SEC, in particular Alabama.

Because of the dumb favoritism, Texas got in because they managed to beat Alabama and won the Big 12. Had Georgia won, I bet they would still shaft Florida State anyways in favor of Texas.

Gotta keep the propaganda alive.

Yeah, you are probably right. I think everyone knows that they favor the SEC and Alabama, but they didn't have to go and shout it from the rooftops and remove all doubt! :) If I had to cheer for anyone this season, it would probably be Washington. I can't stand U of M or Bama and I am indifferent on Texas.

The NFC South is just god awful.

Ha! You definitely aren't wrong about that.

I actually just forgot the rules all of a sudden but feel like one of them HAS to make the playoffs and if that is the case, they are going to get absolutely worked on that date. Correct me if I am wrong please.

Yeah, I am pretty sure that is right. Four division winners in each conference and then three wild cards.

Tampa Bay beat Carolina 21 to 18

I was surprised that Carolina put up 18. That game was shockingly bad on the part of both teams.

why the hate for 'Bama? Because they are a legacy team?

Even a blind squirrel gets a nut every now and then. I don't like Saban that much, he's clearly a great coach, but he just annoys me. I'm just not a fan of them in general. I feel like they get a lot of bandwagon jumpers too. It's easy to be a fan when your team wins year after year. I have more respect for fans like Lions fans all those years or Carolina fans this year. Way to stick with your team even if they suck.

for sure. I know a ton of fair weather fans and they annoy me. When Carolina was doing well it seems like everyone was a die-hard fan. These days, you can tell who the real fans are because they are the only ones that even know the games are on :)

Haha, yeah, I know that feeling well. It's actually be pretty impressive to see how the Detroit fans have been traveling to the away games. I think many of the teams have commented that it feels like an away game for them. Of course there will likely be Lions bandwagon jumpers as well.

That's awesome that they have a road presence. I haven't checked your schedule entirely but is there a chance of a road game to Philly? They are notorious for starting fights with visiting fans.

No, all we have left is Denver, then two games against Minnesota with a game against Dallas in between.