DFA Weekend Training Reviews

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After the brief talks on the crypto markets, let's go to the main business of the day. This post is based on the weekend training reports of the academy. We are using this medium to inform you that the match we played yesterday ended in a goalless draw, the match was very tight but as usual most of the boys performed awesomely. We will share some pictures from the match soon.

What you see above this text is the photo of Resistant Bands with their instruction note and A4 Sheets with training instructions of the training day. We have training notes so after the training, some of the boys will take the sheets home write them down in their notes and pass them around for everyone to be on the same page. This has been helping the academy, we jotted these notes from online trainers and coach seminars, very soon we will make a handout for every footballer once we have gone far in it.



Qozeem got the move. Seeing the picture portrays that the boy is an awesome footballer. He may the current youngest footballer in the team but he's in the first eleven of the u13 squad. He plays as a right-winger and can hold the ball, dribble the opponent, mark the ball, and share the ball with his teammates, the boy possesses so many qualities and we will keep working on his improvement because there is still room for growth. That's Qozeem rehearsing the exercises with the ball drills to improve sharpness.

Biodun with a good move as well. He's captured when practicing the same drills as Qozeem. Biodun is dedicated and committed to his football passion and he's the one featured in the DFA's intro video. Biodun plays in the role of either defensive or attacking midfielder, he knows how to share the ball with teammates and also tackle/intersect the ball. He scored the second goal against FFC and his goal gave his team morale to fire up to 6 goals.



Ebube's picture was also taken on the same training day practicing the same drills with his colleagues. The lad plays as the left-back and he's in love with the position and also improving bit by bit. Ebube still needs to improve better in his ball work and flexibility, with time he will get things right and get better.

The boys at the training ground watched their colleagues practicing drills.



Wasiu with another good move practicing the drills to improve sharpness on and off the pitch. Wasiu is one of the super boys in DFA playing the role of a defensive midfielder, he's very energetic and doesn't get tired easily.

We are training very hard at DFA and we always try to introduce new training techniques to the boys regularly and this is adding great impact to the boys. We have many prodigies and wish all of them good luck in their football carrier, we all know it's not easy to become professional footballers but we pray God makes it through for our boys through DFA.

Thank you all for viewing and all the support to Decentralized Football Academy, Stay Blessed!

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wow. this is a lot . you are doing great work here and i am sure that the kids will be happy to have someone like you at their corner, mentoring, coaching and supporting them. Kudos to you.. if I may ask, which state is the academy located

Yes they are, thank you 🙂.
The academy is located in Lagos State.

that's great

I wish these boys massive success in the football world.

Thank you ♥

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