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RE: Sports and technology: The end of sports injustice?

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So, I am not entirely sure if I agree with the idea, because there is a performance aspect to it, an artistic aspect, an emotional aspect, that cannot be translated by any artificial intelligence.

Very Subjective, when it's about a choreographed performance.


a AI could have compile the last 10 years of competition moves and deliver is mark, I think it could replace or added to a judge seat, but not replacing all the judges.

I think you are right though

I think the idea is not to totally replace the judges but to give them technology to help them give fairer verdicts with the help of technology.

The problem is, where is the limit? Eventually, AI might take over?
I just gave the opposite argument to @concheror haha i am playing the devil's advocate!

I don’t think there will never been a full overtake, I see it from a progress perspective, here a analogy; we replaced the radio by the tv, we replaced the tv by the computer, then we replaced the computer by the smartphone. Those objects still take the same amount of time from us, but we are getting more efficient, communicate with multiple people at the same time with out going anywhere. The question is where it gonna or have to stop.

Only time will tell bro, that's a tough one!