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Good morning my friends 😍, it's a brand new week and I know you are ready to rock and roll.

I had a great time last weekend and I enjoyed every day as well and I thank God for sustaining me and grace to do exploits eve in this new week.

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Now to the business of which some may be waiting for, I want to announce to you that real Madrid is the winner of the 2023/20²4 Spain super cup title.

It was quiet a night for vinicus jnr who scored a hat trick and also did the SIU celebration.

In à short interview he said he did it for christian Ronaldo his idol. He loves him so much and he also thanked his team for a great performance.

The match was played against FC Barcelona which ended in a 4-1 on the score board and a big night especially for vinicus jnr.

Manchester united played against totenham in the premier league and rasmus houjund hrap a scoring opportunity which he exceuted pretty well in the first 3 minutes of the game.

Later on equalized by richardlison and was yet Manchester united took the lead again before half time with Marcus rashford scoring and assisted by holjland.

But it all game to an end with a 2-2 on the score board as Manchester united couldn't control the game anymore especially in the 2nd half.

De brune has returned to city and he has started hitting the ground rolling as he assisted in helping city take the win against Newcastle united.

Yesterday Everton went on a goalless draw against Aston villa still in the premier league.

While in Afcon Nigeria held a 1-1 draw against Guinea Bissau and victor oshimen recorded another country goal with lookman assisting him.

I guess that's the little I could gather for now but I'll love to here from you as well.

Happy new week..