Chelsea carabao...

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Good evening, how was your day guys. I know mine was busy but I am good.

Its a Lucky day to àll th my men in blues, as they really enjoyed the show last 🌃 night.

Chelsea hit it hard last night and they got their desired results in grand style.

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When I asked some of the fans some questions about the game between Chelsea and middlesbrough. Some were so funny but let me just share a few.

One of my guy said, my boys are fit. I love palmer and I don't really need nkunku.

I was like because of just one match. The second person said Chelsea is the best in the world and I know many will argue with that to the last.

But they really did well yesterday and I hope they keep up the firm because they still have a lot of games to play.

Chelsea defeated middlesbrough on their second leg game at Stamford bridge in a 6-1 in the scoring line.

Just to inform you, Mohamed Salah has gone on injury àfter the match against Ghana in the ongoing Afcon competition.

Arsenal dealt with crystal palace at the Emirates stadium as they took all victory home in a 5-0 score on the big board.

It's an interesting weekend coming real soon, but the question is what do you have in mind for it??

Just think about it...!!