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Good day friends and sports lovers all over the world and in the world of hive.

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I am so happy for all weekend action and I guess you are also happy with the results.

Manchester United played against Fulham after the last game against Luton.

It's a big problem as Manchester United confirmed rasmus Holland absent and ruled out for two weeks.

I guess this is why Manchester United provided a poor performance yesterday.

Fulham really had a great time especially in the second half of the game.

In the game, we witnessed a goal from Maguire to put Manchester United back in the game.

Bassey scored in the game and that was his first goal for Fulham at Old Trafford. And his first premier League goal.

Although it was equalized by Manchester United former captain but Alex iwobi secured the win for Fulham.

Believe it or not it was indeed a big failure for United to win the game.

It's another win for arsenal and the still remain in the top four and I guess it's a great journey for the Gunner.

Let's see what Chelsea can do today as the play Liverpool in the carabo cup final at Wembley.