Highlights so far...

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Hello friends and fans...am so happy to be back again like we never left.

It's the weekend drill and I hope you are ready to light it up.

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Am so glad we have been able to round the Emirates competition and we move to Afcon.

This will begin tomorrow and already most players have arrived at their country to represent them.

So far some teams had already began their first training and some are rounding up with the second today.

Getting ready to face their opponents in the first leg of the competition.

Just before Afcon some of the English teams didn't have a wonderful end but I believe it is going to be great by next weekend.

Chelsea lost to middlesbrough in a 1-0 defeat as they really tried to press to recover from an early goal down but no positive outcome for Chelsea.

Manchester united had a great night outing with Wigan which came to an end in favour of Manchester united as Bruno Fernandes sealed the win frim the penalty spot.

It all ended in smile for Manchester united in 2-0 and diago dalot awarded man of the match.

I hope this Afcon ends well for me especially my country but I believe in them and I know they won't disappoint us.

I just thought of dropping by, I really missed you guys and do have a wonderful weekend ahead...