The host takes it all home 🏠 (Afcon 🏆)

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Good afternoon my fellow hivers, I can't believe my eyes but indeed a great Afcon tournament.

I want to appreciate everyone's time and energy and your support so far in helping your country to the position they could reach.


Yesterday night reaction was indeed a great one but disappointing for Nigerians everywhere they are.

Personally I couldn't believe what happened yesterday night. It was as if Nigeria had giveñ up on the title.

So far it was a satisfying performance from the super eagles last night.

The team wasn't forcing the ball, even the defense where so open, especially on the right side. Aina wasnt just playing the number 2 we expected for the finals.

Too many anger on the pitch starting with Victor oshimen warning fofana, and then nwabali warning aurier the iviry coast captain before he was substituted.

Nigeria couldn't maintain the control in the game and possibly get more goals as expected.

Ivory coast really had the game under control, their passes where just accurate and they made lots of runs, but their finishing was just the problem.

The Afcon 2023 came to an end at the 90+7 minutes added time in favor of ivory coast the host of this Afcon tournament at the Olympic mempic stadium.

With a goal line of 2-1 in favor of the host. It was indeed an unexpected end but I guess some people saw it coming.

Williams was given the goal keeper of the tournament, ans there are still lots of arguments concerning that award. Nigerians saying it is a cheat, that nwabali deserve to be given the awards. But it is what is it.

Just before the Afcon, Manchester united played against Aston villa which ended in a 2-1 victory for Manchester united. As rasmus houjund recorded another goal at Villa Park.

Thanks for going through my post and I believe it was just good for the evening.