Troost-Ekong from the penality spot... for Nigeria (AFCON)

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Good morning to you my distinguished guest, friends, ladies and gentlemen.

It's my honor to keep the good work going especially highlights so far in the Afcon 2024 ongoing in ivory coast.

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It's has been indeed a good start for some country's and some had a bad energy in the beginning but the end justifies the beginning most of the times.

I want to inform you last night was indeed a great one for my home country Nigeria.

They super eagles stood their ground to endure they could bring a positive results for the people theys represent.

Indeed ivory coast was very hard to breakdown especially in the forst 45 minutes of the game and giving the super eagles a hard to time to balance the game and possibly get the first half lead.

The game between Nigeria and ivory coast came to a first half 0-0 draw. But guess the turn around.

Just 10 minutes into the second half of the game, the super eagles won a penalty which was well taken by the Nigerian captain, Troost Ekong.

The captain sent the goalkeeper the wrong way and found the back of the net with a powerful shot in to it. And he definitely game Nigeria the lead.

Although the ivorian game in their best with some attempt which was mostly off target but the couldn't get a goal to get themselves back into the game.

It all ended in a victory to Nigeria with the just 1-0 goal difference to separate the two sides but all in favor of the super eagles.

Moving quickly to the game between Ghana and Egypt. It was indeed an unexpected start as Ghana hit so hard and Mohamed kudus scored to give Ghana the lead.

Butnit was all tsken back as the Egyptian took it all back to balance the game.

It ended with both teams sharing a point and the goal line drawn at 2-2 at the end of the match .

Ladies and gentlemen it is with sincere gratitude I would love to call it a day at this point in Time.

Let's make this weekend count as we head back into the English premier league.

Thanks for having me...🤞


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