Super Bowl Around The Corner! - My View On The Outcome

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So the AFC & NFC finals are one week in the past and next week the Superbowl is about to happen. There is still a lot of talks about the last two games that went down and I want to briefly talk about them. Furthermore, I want to compare my initial predictions to the actual outcome. While on the first look I was very surprised with my beginners luck, a second look reveals that I actually did pretty average I would say. Last but not least, I want to talk about the upcoming event and try to predict the actual Super Bowl winner.

AFC & NFC Final Recap

Okay first things first, let’s talk about the recent two games. We should begin with the nightmare of the San Francisco 49ers. Who would have predicted that a team is not losing one and not two, also not three but FOUR QBs in one season. Now I am not historically familiar with the NFL but did this happen at any point? Saying that, they lost Brock Purdy very early in the game which was already a big loss. The Eagles had the upper hand and the with all the bad luck the back-up QB injured himself as well. In the end the Eagles were able to go through very comfortably 31-7 while the 49ers need to sort out their QB issue for next season.

The other game between the Chiefs and the Bengals was everything else than a copy of the NFC final. For starters, Patrick Mahomes never won against Joe Burrow’s Bengals and was standing 0-3 against them. On top of that the Bengals looked very strong going into this match while the Chiefs had an injured Mahomes that decided to play despite his recent ankle injury. Well, it was the though game that everyone expected with some turn overs and of course a dramatic ending! With only a few seconds to play and a tied score of 20-20 Mahomes was pushed when he was already outside the field. This was a very dumb mistake by the Bengal’s defense and resulted in a penalty that put the Chiefs in Field-Goal Range. They did not let this gift slide and were able to score for 3 points. In the end of this game there was a lot of discussions about the scripted NFL as well as the quality of the referees but in my opinion the last decision was correct while all the other wrong calls would not have influenced the game too much. I think in the end the chiefs are deserving to be in the Super Bowl this season.

My Initial Predictions

With this being said, let’s take a look at my initial predictions. On the first look, I thought I did pretty well. In the end, I got all of the NFC side correct except the Bucs Cowboys game. But to be honest, the Eagles were a very good team through out the season and I think it is not that far to think of them being in the Super Bowl. On the other hand, I only had a few correct votes in the AFC. With my biggest surprise of the Jaguars beating the Chargers and the Bengals beating the bills. On the other hand I totally misjudged the Chiefs that are now in the Super Bowl. I guess my beginner’s luck ran out after the first two rounds. I would not say that I would win millions of Dollars by betting now.


Superbowl Winner?

Anyways, I still will try to analyze the Super Bowl pairing between the Chiefs and the Eagles. So what am I looking at? First of all, I think that the Chiefs did not have a convincing path to the SB. But on the other hand you could say that they played tougher opponents, but did they really? I think that Bengals can be compared to the 49ers while the Jaguars can be compared to the Giants. With that being said, the Eagles literally demolished their opponents into the Super Bowl.

But then we also need to take into the account the pairing of Mahomes and Kelce. These guys are an absolute nightmare for every defense. They are already being compared to Gronk and Brady in their prime which makes sense since both are QB and Tight End. I think the Chiefs Offense in general is an absolute beast machinery. This is something the eagles defense will need to adjust. On the other hand the Eagles Defense is not doing bad either while having a great QB in Hurts. Many were doubting him and I think he still needs to prove himself more, but with a Super Bowl Title he has the chance to prove them all wrong.

I think it is hard to say who will win this game. In the end small nuances will decide and I don’t think it will be a demolition by any of this two teams. Thinking that, I think that the Eagles will come out on top just because they had the better run so far. Like I said previously, I would not bet on that since my previous hit rate was not the best but as a fun guess I will go with the Eagles here. I am very excited to see this game and of course the half time show!

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On 4th February 2023


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I didn't realise the Super Bowl was only weeks away.

Yeah! And then again it is a long time until the next season :(