Do You Like A Coach Like Ralf?

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Ralf Rangnick came with his hype and expectations. I was thrilled when I heard he taught Tuchel and Klopp some of the things they know. I felt Manchester United finally got it right since they got someone to instil discipline within the squad and I've seen how exciting Chelsea and Liverpool play.

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It was when he came Chelsea started playing with reduced standards. I was laughing to myself that Tuchel must be scared stiff of his old boss, little did I know Ralf is even worse than the worst Manchester United coach in history that you can think of.

I don't like a coach like Ralf Rangnick; a coach that never takes responsibility for his actions but would rather blame others. A coach who talks too much and still won't allow his pride to say the truth to himself when he looks in the mirror. I used to think Mourinho was a talker until I came across Ralf Rangnick. At least, for Mourinho, he was always demanding respect from the press and only when he can't take it anymore that's when he would throw the player to the bus but he must have covered so well for that player.

Ralf Rangnick is worse and I don't rate him at all. He blames everyone apart from himself. All he does is identify the problem Manchester United has which we already do but isn't that why they brought you in to salvage the situation? All I kept hearing were the problems and yet he fixed nothing. He kept saying this player isn't doing enough yet you kept on using that same player. This should be about stamping your ground and laying your claim which I believe everyone would understand.

When Pepe was giving Mourinho issues, he found a gem in Varane. If you feel a player is not working to what's expected, it's with your actions you will tell us not by rattling to the press every time as if you are not clueless yourself. When you sit them down and play young players, they would be ashamed of themselves and know that it's their place and career that is going down the drain.

Ralf Rangnick talks too much and this is why the players have no respect for him. I won't excuse the players because they are worse. At least we know they are worse but isn't that why they asked him to come and fix it? He fixed nothing and rather made everything worse. He couldn't even handle the dressing room alone not to talk of winning a decent game. He came with so much reputation but I didn't know he is just a lightweight coach, a candidate for teams that battles relegation.

He spoke about Ronaldo not being a monster in pressing and I felt like asking him to repeat himself if what he said truly made sense to him. The guy is 37 years of age and you expect him to be pressing with that intensity? If Ronaldo didn't get those goals he got, I am sure we would be dragging relegation with Burnley.

This is my anger with him:

  1. You already said Ronaldo doesn't press as hard, so what have you done about it? Why not bench him and use someone who does? For most of the games Ronaldo didn't play, we were outclassed and we didn't even score a single goal.
  2. If he was pressing, would we have had the opportunity to score the goals we did?
  3. He lied because Ronaldo pressed but not as hard as he expected because the guy is 37 for goodness sake.
  4. What did he do with Rashford, Sancho and McTominay who always stroll in games and yet he kept using them?

I think he doesn't like players with egos and the ones without egos still didn't like him. He knew how everyone was saying Ronaldo helped us this season and he felt bad he wasn't getting any praise which was why he singled out Ronaldo. How can you say that against someone that gave you at least a bit of dignity in your failed managerial stint at Manchester United?

Ralf Rangnick failed at Manchester United and he would go down as one of the worst we have had so far. We know the players are terrible, please, why were you employed? To tell us what we already know or give us excuses as to why you suck at your job? Mourinho, despite the set of players he had, at least he made something out of the situation. What did Ralf do except complaint and sound like a broken record every week?

He always distances himself from our games when we lose as though he wasn't the interim coach. He never failed to act and mention that he was an interim coach. All he kept saying was talking about areas United need to strengthen. A coach that isn't facing what he needs to do and yet kept doing what his future role would be. A man clearly out of his depth, clueless and tactically inept. I don't like a coach like Ralf and that's why he won't ever get respected.


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Ah. God bless you for this. In fact, I will share this on Twitter be because this was the same argument I had with someone yesterday. I agree, the players are terrible but what was his job? He failed miserably and I wrote a few weeks ago that he should also take responsibilities for his failure.

Why are you not sharing your posts on Twitter for #Posh tokens?

Thank you for this sir and no, I am not on Twitter.

No problem.

I think you are right but then again lets see what the next coach can do as this club has so many problems.

Ah. I agree sir. They have too many problems. They need someone tough and ruthless that would clip their wings

What he know knows how to do best is taking, he lack a coaching trait

He lacked everything.

I feel sorry for him but I don't think he has the ability or the experience to manage a great team like MU and in fact he proved he couldn't manage them.

He failed woefully. He couldn't handle the Man Utd job.

Ralf is not a good coach or manager, and I feel that he lacks the boldness to really take action. He is passive and not an active kind of manager, and I feel that coaching a team like manchester united at this time was too much of an ask as he wasn't equipped to handle players of that caliber in the club.

He didn't make any tough calls aside from dropping Maguire to the bench as he was threatened with a bomb threat at his home. Ronaldo should be captain of that manchester united side.

overall, Ralf might be a good teacher rather than being the man on the wheels himself.

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He is terrible behind the wheel and I don't fancy him at all with the kind of terrible job he did for us.

I think you have a point. I was also thinking that Ralf could bring a change to ManU but he definetly failed at that. Lets see what ten Haag will achieve as he still has the same players so far :/

He failed miserably. I am glad his tenure has ended.

This is what happens when a coach feels like the club or players are bigger than him, it become difficult to make the right changes in the team.

Let's hope the new manager would make a huge impact on the team.

I hope so too. Thank you on this

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