Hive FPL Sports Talk Social Proposal: Monthly award for Participants

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The hive FPL mini league is strategically positioning itself to be a community where Blockchain meets fantasy football. Through participation in the Fantasy premier league hosted every season, participants of the Hive FPL will be able to earn points based on activities of real life footballers that will enable them climb up the ladder in the Hive FPL mini league.

As explained in our introduction post, our motivation is to grow a community of FPL players that will inevitably boost the engagement level on Sportstalksocial and Hive as a whole.


Our proposal doubles as a sponsorship request from the Sportstalk social community to cover the monthly prize given to top participants of the season. Our request is as follows;

  • We request for 1 million Sports Tokens every month, out of which, 950,000 will be staked into the accounts of top 5 participants every month with a sharing ratio of 5:4:3:2:1
  • 50,000 Sports token will be staked in the Hive FPL account and used to curate publications
  • In return, we will continuously encourage all participants to curate and engage publications in Sportstalk Social community.
  • As the host community of the Hive FPL project, Sportstalk Social will also be regularly promoted on all our platforms, including our discord, Twitter and Youtube.

To Support our proposal, please follow this link


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This will be really nice because ever since I joined this, I have decided to be more active in sports talk community.

I even got to buy and power up 3M sports token and that's just the beginning. I believe HiveFPL will help grow sportstalk community.

If HiveFPL players can get that support from this community or any other support that matches their budget, it will help us a great deal.

Also, It seems like I won't be getting to that top 5 throughout this season. Haha. Let's blame it on the fact that this is my first attempt at fpl as a whole.

Good job mates ✌️

Please follow this link to Support our proposal

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Link points to itself?

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Ugghh. Please check the proposal page on sportstalksocial. It's the last one

Great initiative, voted and thanks, having a blast in the Hive FPL mini league.


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You get huge votes on posts and loads of sports tokens but yet are asking to be given 1m sports tokens a month for prizes? The cost of 1m tokens a month is peanuts. I dont quite understand this at all, communities ought to be self funding, especially when they are so well supported already! Your own personal account has a lot of funds too. Why would other people want to fund a project whose owners are

Everything we earn from upvotes goes to participants. Other than 30 something Hive power, everything else will be used to reward participants. We can't go back on our word and start using post reward to buy Sports token.

Our hope is to get more people involved in Sportstalk social and promote the platform through the process.

1m sports tokens, less than 13 hive. With your huge personal earnings, you can't stand that? As I asked, why should personally created communities be funded by others when the community owner has no personal skin in the game.

What I'm trying to say is basically everything we generate on this account will be used to reward participants. The Hive FPL is just starting, which is why we're requesting for sponsorship from the community.

What we hope to achieve from this is that more people will stake Sports token and more people will use Sports talk front-end/community for FPL and other similar activities to inevitably bring more attention to Hive.

We already have plans to launch an NFT project on Sports talk as well, as the community continues to grow.

Good luck with it all. I think it's great and you've a good team there. Just sent you another 100k for the kitty.

Thank you mate.

I don't think I'll make it to the top 5 but we're going to have fun.

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You're underestimating yourself. You never know lol