Which Top 6 Forward are you considering?

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The competition level in the premier league is amping up and nowhere is it more felt than at the top of the table where almost every team has strengthened their forward department.

In this publication, we run through the forwards of each top 6 team that are nailed on to start the season. Which one will you be adding to your squad?

Manchester City

Haaland joins an already impressive Manchester City team that had to wait until the end of the season to clinch the title. The season turned out to be yet another two-horse race between Liverpool and City but overall, City came out victorious.

At the time of writing, Haaland is in 61.8% of manager's team and a strong start to the season could see a small fraction of unbelievers red-faced. Are you among the managers putting their faith in Erling, despite his 11.5m price?


At 9.5, Darwin looks like a decent option in the Liverpool attack. Playing beside two World Class wingers in Salah and Diaz, Nunez should be in amongst the goals.

His pre-season showing hasn't exactly set the world alight but if you look beyond the memes, you'll find that this is a boy with serious talent and an eye for goal.

Only 10.7% of FPL managers have him in their squad and that could prove to be an exciting differential in the first game week. I reckon a strong start to the season will see the percentage go up.


Last season Kai Havertz was in midfield but after largely playing as Chelsea's forward, the German is set for yet another productive season.

Just like Nunez, he could prove to be a strong differential, as he features in only 5.1% of FPL teams. At only 8.0, I reckon he's a fair price for the projected output. Are you keeping faith in him or will you consider someone else?


There's no one that can deny Harry Kane's star quality in World football. The talismanic English forward has consistently brought joy to FPL managers and will undoubtedly have another productive season.

His 11.5 price tag is only matched by Haaland but I reckon his experience in the premier league puts him ahead of the Norweigian.

Harry finds himself in 19.1% of managers, making him the fourth most selected forward in the game so far. Something that will most likely be on the minds of many FPL players will be his usual slow start to the season.

If he manages to start this season strongly, he will find himself in a lot more teams.


Arsenal's new signing is no stranger to the goals, as he played an integral part in the success of Manchester City last season. Many would remember the blitz of goals he contributed in consecutive game weeks last season.

Unfortunately, he could never nail down a spot at Manchester City but now at Arsenal, he's certainly going to be the starter there. His preseason showings have also been encouraging with 3 goals in two starts.

At just 8.0, 59% of FPL managers have him in their squad and that number is certainly going to be heading upwards if he has a strong showing in the first game week.

Manchester United

It is still unclear if Cristiano Ronaldo will feature for Manchester United next season. However, one thing we know for sure is that the current manager has stated that he has the Portuguese forward in his plans.

Ronaldo finished last season as the top scorer in an underperforming Manchester United side. Imagine what he will do in a working team.

At an FPL price of 10.5, I consider that a steal but the uncertainties surrounding his Manchester United career will certainly be on the minds of managers.

If he does stay and work with Erik, you can rest assured that he will be in amongst the goals.

So the question is, will you be adding one or more of these forwards from the top 6 clubs of the last season? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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You guys should know better than to use Getty images and know the rules of not using them. These are copyrighted and plus you have linked no sources.

Please where can I get pictures to use. I'm planning on writing an fpl post.

You have to hunt as 99% of all football photographs belong to Getty. This is their business and have even bought up the old stock. They dominate football and why there are so little available. It takes hours and hours to check and why it is that difficult.

Oh I see. I guess I'll have to go photo hunting :)


This is why many don't use any photographs for football as there are so few that are free. These guys take thousands of Photographs every match and you will struggle.

It's so sad they don't leave a few for free atleast for publications publicizing their leagues. It's all about the money for them.

Yes but it is worse for us as we earn rewards and why we cannot touch them. We have to buy them if we want to use them and that would cost thousands of $$$ which is unrealistic.

Shit my bad bro, I drafted this. I wanted to create a fun concept for the audience but the sourcing of images and a bunch of stuff skipped my mind.

That is not really an excuse as you have been on here long enough to know image sourcing is as important as the post. I wanted to reply to your comment and suddenly it had disappeared. You are trying to bring new users to the community which is great but you have to do things correctly as what you are doing is short cutting the process. We have to be strict on this stuff and cannot ignore this anymore.

Noted. All photos have been removed.


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Gabriel Jesus is on my line up on FPL. I think he's gonna do well. CR7 will never relent I trust him. The fact is all the forward would pull some stunts. We would all see them in action soon.

The problem is are you sure CR7 will even be at United next season? He's literally been hawking himself to UCL clubs, or at least that's what the tabloids are saying.