Normally this is what am been wanting for, in the world of sports tonight is : Euro
Turkey vs Italy is the opening game to talk about.
With my point of view my prediction on this game is under 3.5 because the two teams are very tough.

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If we can have more of this manual curations rather than auto-voting, it will really help promote engagement as more attention will be given to good contents. Great decision

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That would be great! We will see more content!

Seeing this lately but we are good to go

Cool. Time to start writing again

Thats cool I guess it will give you the opportunity to read comment and engage.
However euro 2020 comes with big hit.

It should be interesting see that I will be anticipating

Oops!😃 Very interesting, that means I got to gear up on this. And be more serious. Thanks for this @mk-sports-token

Been doing it ever since :)

That's cool

Definitely I agreed with you it going to enable you to see the sense in the comments of so many people before they are been voted for

That's great. How can one enjoy from this

More user join manual curation, sports will look more fun.