India's victory in the last T20.

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Hi guys, how are you all? Hope many of you are well. Friends, as all of us who are cricket lovers know the biggest festival of cricket Cricket World Cup 2023 ended a few days ago. This World Cup has set many records, and except for a few matches, all the matches have been spectacular, and cricket lovers would think that Australia will play the final in the World Cup. Couldn't, because the start of the World Cup mission was awful for Australia. Australia tasted the first three consecutive match defeats, and since then Australia has surprised everyone with a sudden change, on the other hand, India has dominated from the beginning of the tournament. From the beginning, they have shown great performance. They made one record after another. Seeing the quality of their play, everyone assumed that they would play in the final and they did. But Australia will win the final by surprising everyone, this was out of my mind. However, after the end of the World Cup, Australia's T20 series with India is going on.

And the T20 matches have been very beautiful. Five T20s have been held between Australia vs India. India has won this T20 series with one match in hand, and the fifth T20 match is over.

In the last T20 match, India came out to bat first and stumbled at the start. Australia continued to apply pressure on the Indian batsmen from the beginning. Since it is only a 20-over game, every ball is very precious. If an over is short of runs then a lot of pressure falls on the batsmen as an innings of 120 balls. India's batsmen could only do something well in the last match of Shreyas Ayal. He played a very nice innings of 53 runs off 37 balls. Besides, no other batsman could do anything remarkable. India played an innings of 160 runs losing 8 wickets in the poison over.

I assumed that Australia would win the last match. Since the target has become less, my opinion has changed, from the beginning, India's bowling attack put the Australian batsmen under a lot of pressure, no batsman could last for a long time, because the target of Australia is less, so the game worked great excitement from the beginning to the end. Derott played an innings of 55 runs off 36 balls only for Australia. Even so, Australia could not laugh the last laugh. Australia lost by just 6 runs. Australia lost eight wickets and scored 154 runs in 20 overs. The match was great from start to finish.