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Hello I am back again on this my obsession of giving you some of the worlds latest transfer realities. It is the dying minutes now, as we stand in the last day of the January transfer window that has been burstling with activities.

My news desk had reported hot ones like that of Eriksen[https://peakd.com/hive-184127/@ogeewitty/eriksen-is-back-2 ] and Martial[https://peakd.com/hive-101690/@ogeewitty/sports-talk-and-hive-hear-it-first] to mention only a few, plus very early reporting for the Everton Frank Lampard u-turn[https://peakd.com/hive-101690/@ogeewitty/all-hail-frank-the-peoples-choice].

We bring you news from North London and it is Arsenal most specifically. It has indeed been a genuinely busy month for Arsenal,howbeit it has been about players going out with none coming in for this season TILL TODAY. Players like Maitland-Niles,Sead Kolasinac,Pablo Mari, Balogun, have all been shipped out, with transfer rumours still surrounding some

One player that obviously has to make news is the Gabonese PIERRE-EMERICK AUBAMEYANG, who has been their captain, until it was stripped off him some weeks back due to disciplinary issues. He has also been frozen out of the first team since just before the new year and wasn't even allowed to join them in the ongoing warm weather training tour in Dubai. So it has since been clear that the coach no longer wants his highest paid player in the team.

One challenge of a player who gets paid a huge £350,000 per week is finding a club that can match that fee,especially in these times that clubs are still recovering from covid financial losses.

But news is in from Spain that, Barcelona, a team that is especially suffering financially now is trying to bend over backwards to get the classy striker. As I write,my news desk can authoritatively reveal that Aubameyang has landed Spain today, hoping,just hoping that Barcelona can conjure up a way to press home this deal,a loan ofcourse. Ofcourse Arsenal have since approved the deal.

Reputable top transfer expert Fabrizio Romano reports that a swap deal with Dembele going the opposite direction was the plot, but Dembele refused going to Arsenal. Dembele was in contact with PSG,his preference , and Barca was hoping if that deal pulls through then it frees up funds for Aubameyang to come in, but this time it is PSG who is not following through.
Barca has been trying all possible ways to make this deal work, especially with their lean finances.

He goes on to report that,to add salt to injury later today, Arsenal made it even more difficult for Aubameyang by firmly informing him that they will not be part of any sharing formula with Barca as per his salary; that Barca has to pay all or else the deal collapses. So it's up to Barca and Aubameyang.

Finally a breakthrough is happening. By whatever means Barcelona are preparing contracts and paperworks for Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang. Infact these are the final stages of the negotiations and the medical is now in place.

I would say I am glad for football with this news, such a highly talented player ought to be playing top level football.



Bro... Let's imagine this.

Adama on one side and Auba on the other side. Haha.

Barca have hit some speedsters in the mix for the second half of this season.

I don't watch Spanish football, but I will be seeing their performance in European Competitions.

Good for him though. Let's see how everything will shape out before the end of the year.

Yeah,hehe, it's going to be high octane speeds o. Blistering counter attacks from now on.

If it somehow happens that his buddy, Dembele, is re-integrated back in that team,then that's a jet engine kind of front three, with no equal.😃

Great for Auba and I know he has been brought in to lead that attack right through the middle and score goals. Goals,I know, he would score massively.

Thanks for coming over like you promised.


No sir, no ma,this is no 'photo-shopping', picture editing, or any of those applications that can make you wear anything.

This is for real, not "Real" please, but their sworn rivals Barcelona. It is Aubu actually wearing the jersey.

I am trying to tell you with delight that Pierre Emerick-Aubameyang has now joined Barcelona! The contract has been fully agreed upon and he has done his medicals successfully. What is left is the formality aspect of Auba going to the Barcelona headquarters to sign.

Wow this is positively chilling news for the Barcelona faithfuls and even neutrals who just want to see the best players play.
Kudos Fabrizio Romano for his swift reporting.

Congratulations Aubameyang.

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decent debut today as well