Honest Conversation In Football.

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I think teams need to have an honest conversation with themselves when results are not going their way. There is always the need to bring about that bond and unity however they can. The team plays for the fans and the jersey which I know should count for something but sadly most teams don't understand how losing a game hurts the fans the most, especially the banter you get from rival teams. Over the years I had to grow a thick skin and push those banters aside because before now, I used to react badly when my team loses and someone says something to wind me up. It's just pure emotions of not wanting your team to lose and in those moments, I used to stay away from Twitter or discussions regarding the match.

With honest conversation comes the need for the team to understand how things are not working well. I know they know, I know sometimes we assume they know but there is a need to always clear the air, and let everyone knows where they stand so they can do better for the team. I read before the Leeds United game and Mason Mount also confirmed it after the game that they had an honest conversation with themselves and a lot of things were cleared.

It doesn't have to be rocket science to know that things are not well between Lukaku and Thomas Tuchel. Whatever it is, I don't know and maybe it had to do with how Lukaku flirted with going back to Inter Milan or Real Madrid which didn't go down well with everyone, of course. A lot has changed since then and Lukaku never got back to the form he started with when he joined Chelsea.

It takes a few disgruntled players to ruin the atmosphere in the dressing room and this is why honest conversation must be had to clear the air from time to time so everyone can know what is expected of them and where they stand. This act can improve team chemistry and also change the atmosphere in the dressing room.

I read a report many years ago about how a coach told his team that for certain games they win, then lunch or dinner would be on him. It got to the point where he had to cry out and told his players that his pocket is hurting, jokingly. This is what having the right atmosphere can give you in a team. It would not only improve the players but would make the team better.

It's not surprising that we saw another Chelsea side against Leeds United. Mason Mount looked hungry as ever and Lukaku screamed that he is back. What a game Chelsea played last night against Leeds and this is the kind of motivation they need before taking on Liverpool on Saturday for the FA Cup final. It's not to say that they would win, but who wouldn't want a good atmosphere in their camp before a final or before any game for that matter?

I think Manchester United also need to have an honest conversation with themselves but this is what Erik Ten Hag would have to do when he comes because Ralf Rangnick has made it known on numerous occasions that he is an interim coach and rather than build the team, he enjoys throwing them under the bus which is why I believe that it's better they didn't give him the job on a permanent basis. If they have that honest conversation before now, I am sure the players would air their concerns regarding his approach and he would learn while also telling the players what he demands from them.

The fans are the ones hurting the most but most of these players don't even feel as hurt as the fans. It's important for a team to air their opinions and speak to each other regarding what is expected rather than assume they all know. Yes, they should all know because that's what they are being paid for but it's easy to get lost in those moments when results aren't going as expected.

Thank you for your time.

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Oh, you've changed up your post image a little...It's good to do that each time you post something in a series...It keeps things looking fresh. Good idea mate!

I have to thank you so much for that brilliant idea and I am glad I saw it your way because it is top notch. I have like 4 designs now which are quick fix but I'm working on other colours which I should be able to get sorted out by next week.

I am really thankful for you, sir. It means a lot.

I think that is why you need experts in the club that are willing to disagree with each other. I feel like at ManU nobody wants to speak out against some strong man at the top who does not really have a plan. I feel like there are too many "yes-sayers" in this club.

Chelsea is another breed. While I agree with you that somethign is truely wrong currently. I feel like it is most likely to the sanctions on Abramovich.

Very interestign article though! :)

I agree with you on all fronts here. Very true.
Thank you so much.


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